...and boredom eventually killed the video star.

I've been writing.
Not here, obviously.
But somewhere.
I don't want to jinx it, so I won't tell you about it. (except for what I've already told you... and what I'm about to say)

I remember telling you that I always get caught up in details when trying to be creative.
It's true. And I was reminded of this two days ago, when I was drawing my main character.
The plan was to scribble some of the major plot ideas next to the drawing, but I ended up editing her hair and eyes for so long that once I considered the doodle to be "finished", I was too tired to think.
And so, the day after, all I had was a doodle of my main character on a piece of paper.
Not exactly helpful.

If I were to go through all of the notebooks that I have in my room, I'm sure I'd find hundreds of character doodles; all completely worthless.
Because that's what I did when I was little as well. I created a character, drew her, admired her, then threw her away.
I don't think that's how it's supposed to work. I think writing actually has to involve.. writing. Am I wrong?

Ugh, exasperation.


Welcome to the era where feeling isn't enough. You must say the word for it to be true.
Wanna hug someone?
Remember to say: hugs!
Remember to say: siiiigh.

Otherwise people won't understand you, silly.




Yesterday I saw Shaun of the Dead.
Now, I know everyone's already seen it. But it was the first time for me.
I loved it, obviously.
You won't find a bigger lover of british humour anywhere else.

Maybe you will. But I'm trying to make a point here.

Dylan Moran played the annoying character that everyone hated. It's funny how he does those types of characters SO well. He must be an asshole in real life.
Either that, or he's a master of disguise. Or.. what do you call 'em? An actor, right.

My favourite moment in the film was probably when the main characters met another team of survivors walking the other way. Suddenly a whole bunch of actors I love were in the movie,
but they disappeared as quickly as they'd come.

WHAT a great movie, though.
The ending was depressing.
But who's to say that depression isn't great as well? eh?

I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore *smiley face*
That's usually a sign to stop rambling.

Oh, and dogs can look up.
I googled it.

Just a little bit of rambling on a thursday morning... oh wait. It's almost dinner time.

I know I'm not supposed to be against democracy and ... free speech and all that good stuff.
But when you realize that a huge percent of the world's population is made up of morons who use these rights for their own evil purposes, you kind of want to break a few rules and propose a teensy bit of un-democratic righteousness.

Why do people get to say bad things about gay people, when I'm not allowed to punch someone in the face for liking Wuthering Heights? I mean, words aren't just words. They can hurt just as bad as being punched in the face.
Actually, I would say words have a tendency to cause suicides, which punching people in the face... doesn't.

I thought there was a limit to what people could say before crossing the line called: law.
Are you allowed to violate someone, verbally, in public?

Really, I think we're all a little bit confused as to what should be allowed and what shouldn't be allowed.

If the law can't help us--- which it obviously can't--- we should be able to fight back. Right?

This is me fighting back.
This is me telling all the conservative bastards of the world to suck it.
Because I really do hate you.

And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we're all just waiting for you to go away. Whether that means you stop complaining and get with the program, or that you just.. die, I don't really know.
It doesn't matter.
You're the only thing standing in the way of our goal; world peace.

So... How long do you think it'll take? Cuz I've got other things to worry about, you know.


I need something to get my mind off of this idiocy.

Oh, I know.

*smiley face*


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we----

I woke up late today, as always.
The first thought that came to me was: Ice cream.

I figured eating ice cream for lunch wasn't the best idea ever, though, so I quickly started thinking about Christmas instead.
Is there any other holiday that fills the world with so much joy?

And sure, some people say that Christmas is stressful and expensive. That it's gone from being about family and charity, to being about presents and greed.
But you know what I say to those people?
Stop being a grinch, you bastard

Christmas is about shutting up, how about that?


Oh no, just being silly. *gentle smiley face*

I really don't know what it is about Christmas that relaxes me.
My family has already grown tired of those same old traditions. They never want to watch Donald Duck with me, they complain about the food... and then they tell me I bought them the wrong things.
Really, I should have joined that train a long time ago. I should be complaining about Christmas, not loving it. Missing it.

But I do.

I miss it so much I filled up my Pi-Pod with Christmas music.
Laaast Christmas, I gave you my heart. All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu. Bambambambam. Tänd ett ljus, och låååt det brinna. Rockin' around the Christmas tree. It's all there.

Christmas for me isn't about religion. It's not about presents. It's not about family... Not really. (Especially not now a days)
It's about something completely different.
Maybe, peace of mind?
My greatest Christmas tradition is cleaning my room, changing the sheets.. then lying down on my newly made bed and reading, reading, reading.
I always read those really cheesy stories during the holidays.
That's why when I see vampire romance novels, my mind immediately switches to Christmas mode.

Some people associate Christmas with Jesus. I associate it with smut. Supernatural smut.


October sucks.

It's been a while. And here's why. (?)

This is my ode to intelligent and interesting co-workers.
When you have a job that is as repetative and dull as mine, (5 hours spent on my ass, with nothing to look forward to, except a simple sandwich for dinner) you treasure your co-workers.
Not only do they provide you with the only entertainment you can count on getting,
but they're also a source of comfort.
Because no matter how shitty your day is, you can bet their day is just as shitty.

Unless they're making more money than you.

(As is the case today)

This job may be sucky,
but the people who work here are awesome.

A good looking guy with a passionate love for music, and quite possibly one of those rare genuinely great personalities. A movie buff with an interest in writing and reviewing (yes, indeed). A sweet and very northern sounding girl who almost never shows up because of her studies in psychology. A super funny, and strange guy with a name that reminds me of a character in a book. A guy from Iceland. Iceland, I tell you.

I could seriously write a book about this place.
In fact, I probably should.

Oh God.. You don't have to read this. Actually, it'd be better if you didn't.

I'm writing this simply because.... It's my last day of work this month.
We all know what that means.
It's AGAINST THE LAW to work hard on the last day of the month.
Even though you still need the money.
I don't argue with the law, folks.

You shouldn't either.

So, I'm starting to think that's it's time for me to find another job.

All I need is some courage.
(*Seriously lacking courage here*)

Working from 8 to 5 would actually be nice.
I could come home, eat dinner, relax a bit, go to bed, wake up early.... It'd be like high school again.

How'd it go?
I need to talk to you!
Let's talk!
I have money on my phone!
Why aren't I texting you right now?
What's WRONG with me?

Oh, and how'd the batman thing go? ^.~

Time to call a certain bastard again.
Please, let him be a nice bastard.

-The End.

Harley Quinn for Halloween?

Halloween isn't exactly a big deal for anyone within the Swedish borders....
I mean, it isn't even a legitimate holiday here.

But it's always fun to dress up and pretend you're someone else for a day.... Someone way cooler than you.
So far, though, I've never really bought or made a real costume.
I've cheated with.. simple witch make-up (whatever that means) and scary skin tones.
But this year... I really wanna do something more elaborate and stupid.

I went over my choices and came up with this list:

1) The Mad Hatter
2) Harley Quinn

And since I don't feel like buying lenses JUST for a costume, I'mma go with the blue eyed choice.

She's a fabulous, though cowardice, character with great clothes.
But the beforementioned clothes are very hard to sew, and surprisingly expensive to buy.
So why not make a new kind of Harley Quinn?

This is my inspiration:


I'm thinking: THAT, but with a little less slut-iness.
And nevermind that ugly head-piece. (They're not supposed to be that close together.. duh)

So, whattayathink?
I'm not great at the whole sewing thing... I haven't got a huge budget... But I want to at least TRY this year.

.... Why?

Well. I really don't know.
I'll probably be the only one who gives a crap.

Whenever I have some free time... I'll go looking for cheap fabric.

This'll be interesting.


I love you dad.
Happy Birthday.

I had a dream...

.... And it was probably the best dream I've ever had. *big eyes*

So, it started with me killing 4 people---

WOWOWOWOWOW! Don't get ahead of me here.
3/4 of them were bad people.
And it was a dream.
It doesn't matter.
Shut up.
Can I continue?

I don't remember who they were.. Except for one of them.
Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
I remember talking to someone about regretting having to shoot him, because he was such a good guy. (Seriously. How could anyone NOT like Fredrik?) But I didn't have a choice, because he was after me.
Yes. Can you see how awesome this dream was already? The prime minister was playing the cat and mouse and guns game with me.

I can see how my brain would make Reinfeldt into that kind of character though. I blame Prison Break.

They must be twins!! SERIOUSLY!

So because I killed 4 people, I waited at home with my family for the police to come and get me.
This is where things get to be a bit hazy.
I went with them, but somehow I got away.
I remember jumping into a black 67' impala (not kidding) and driving like a madman to get away from whichever cop was in charge of catching me.

This is when everything turned into a game.
I found myself driving to this carnival, where I had to run, run, run and hide in order to not get caught. But I did get caught, several times. And when that happened I got to start over again, and choose another route.
I ran to this parking lot, where my car was...

... And then I woke up.


Man... That dream was awesome.

And now I have to get dressed and go to work?

Me and Maria watched three or four episodes of Supernatural last night.

Weird Collection #1



君と観た 退屈な映画も
不思議だね 時が早く過ぎて



Haha, you're the Mad Hatter,

and I'm... Jared Leto!

What happened to that.... "war" or something?

Someone (hehe) reminded me of THE WAR against the movie theater in my town.
And, so here's a little update:

Yeah, like the unnecessary graphic says, we won the fight.

Resident Evil 3D will be playing in our theater next week and onwards.


Now, I'm not 100% sure that it has anything to do with my emails. (Nor do I have a clue if my past struggles have had any effect at all) But I don't really care.

I get to see Resident Evil in 3D without having to drive to Sundsvall.

That makes me happy.


Why have I been so obsessed with this movie, you ask?


I actually don't have an answer to that








Tonight, we're having sushi for dinner. *thumbs up*

I hate facebook

"Oh, no way! You live in Brunflo?"
"Yeah.... You know that!! It says so on my Facebook page."

That wasn't a real quote.
But it's still a real situation. What I mean by that is: people are annoying.


Facebook has always scared me. Not just because it involves giving out A LOT of personal info to strangers. But, the fact that it turns normal human beings like you and me into information maniacs.... a.k.a stalkers.
In today's society it's not normal for people to not know anything about each other.
In fact, the sentence: "You don't know me, but I know everything about you" probably isn't scary anymore.

I changed my personal settings on facebook for the first time ever today.
Somehow it felt like it needed to be done.


Does accepting random friend requests make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
You don't have 300 friends. Stop being a douche.


I hate facebook.

Serious business.

Signed Maxie.

Modekungen contest.

I'm in love with a bag?

I guess I am.


The bag that you see down below can be bought right here ----> Modekungen.se

As soon as I saw it, I noticed that gorgeous design on the front. It reminds me of greek art.
It's only available in black, which I don't mind. I usually wear a lot of colors, so having a black bag would be perfect for me, since it goes with anything.

See how it has two types of handles?
I love that look and feel, kinda like the bag can transform according to your own wishes.

It's pretty big, which is awesome as well. I always carry around about half of my belongings, so I need a lot of space. (Plus, my work demands that I carry a lot of papers and folders with me. It's worse than school I tell you)

I didn't know you could fall in love with objects,
but this bag has my eyes morphing into little pink hearts. <3

I want to own this.

Can I own this, please? *puppy dog eyes*



Click this link to get to the bag.


The election FFS.

It's late....
So no pictures today.
Especially not of my hair.
I'm waiting for it to fade a little bit.
Don't want you all going: OMG IT'S NOT BROWN IT'S RED!!!?

...Oh, and in case you're not following any of this,
I dyed my hair yesterday.
Or well, a friend of mine did.
And then I dyed hers.
And then we sat for 3 hours fixing her anniversary present.... (which she should have already given to her boyfriend by now.. if he didn't like it, I'll personally strangle him in his sleep =D)
Just a normal friday night, right?



The election is coming up, so naturally. every morning I wake up and hear people on the TV yelling at each other.
"I'm right, you're wrong!!"
"No, I'm right, and you're wrong!!"

They use other words, but that's pretty much the jist of it, right there.

Politicians benefit from teenagers who don't know anything about politics, simply because they hear one good thing about a certain party and think: "oh, that's nice... I'mma vote for them, cuz I don't feel like researching the other parties... too much work."

That's a direct quote from myself.


...No it's not.

But I will admit, I'm not into the whole.. politics thing. (you can see that just by seeing how I refer to politics as a sort of foreign thing that I don't know enough about to name properly)
Not because I don't care about my country, but because I simply can't find any real opinions within me.
I'm not a student. I'm not exactly amongst workers... I don't have a driver's license.. I'm not sick...
None of the questions that people are fighting for right now is of any direct value to me.

Sometimes I try to learn more about the different parties.
I ask my friends what they think.
I ask my parents.
I try to watch one of those debate shows.... (but I usually give up after about 10 minutes)

The way I see it, we've got three things to choose from:

1) A good life.
2) Another kind of good life.
3) Nazis.

All I have to do is to not pick the nazis right?
I can do that.


To be completely honest, I "sold" my vote yesterday. This really cute friend of mine bought me a cupcake, saying I had to vote for her favourites in the election.
Some say I'm easily bought.. Others say I have the lowest integrity possible..

You've all got it wrong though. This girl can't vote. (shock value)
She's too young.
But she's got the political spark that I don't have. I can see the will to vote in her eyes. It's like a dark blue fire.
So I did what any good person in my situation would have done.
I donated my vote to her.

If that's not an act of incredible kindness, I don't know what is!!


You're not buying it?

Naw, me neither.

I just really love cupcakes.

I may not get as involved in these things like others do,
but at least I know the ground rules.
F the Nazis.

That's good enough, I think.

Edgar Allan Poe and Puppy Murder... Dark stuff.

I want to write about two things.
Good News, Bad News...
What should we pick first?

I say: Good.

I heard about a new movie project today. James McTeigue (director of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.) is going to make a movie called The Raven, obviously about Edgar Allan Poe. Apparently he finally found his lead actor, and lo' and behold...
It's my favourite actor, mr. John Cusack.

is the best when it comes to dark but witty movies. He will be a great Poe. (wrote Pie, at first)
Some people argue he hasn't been in a decent movie for 9 years or so,
but I really don't understand why that would mean he wouldn't be great in this one.
I've pretty much seen every movie he's ever been in, and, in my opinion, even when the movie itself is horse shit, he makes it bareable because of his natural charm and talent.
A true star.

Edgar Allan Poe
and John Cusack.
This will be epic.


The next thing, the "bad news", is pretty much just me talking about how I feel about people throwing puppies into rivers.


When I say: "throwing puppies into rivers", the natural response would of course be: "oh my god, that is absolutely horrible."

And yes. It is.


Yet, here is a bosnian girl doing it, while shouting: Wheeeee!


4chan got ahold of this video, and of course started searching the web for whoever did this.

And they may or may not have found her.

Her facebook has been cancelled, apparently, because of the onslaught of harrassing comments on her wall.

I am not a hateful person.

But for this bitch, I feel nothing but murderous rage.


Apparently, even PETA has joined the fight.

PETA and 4chan join teams?

This is dangerous stuff. Watch out, puppy killers.



*hits something*

Bitch throws cat in trash can >.<

What are you guys up to today?

I'm trying to write, while simultaneously trying to not think about the fact that I start work in an hour.



But really, I'm just making this post because I want to talk about this bitch:



Times like these, you really wish someone like Dexter existed. Because really, there's no doubt that this goes by the code.

The cat was left in the trash for 15 hours, until her owners found her meowing for her life.

If that doesn't break your heart, you're made out of stone.


See how she's looking around to make sure no one sees her doing her dirty deed?

"Everyday sociopaths" are real, people.

Watch your backs.

Love the make up at least.

I was watching this minor make up guru youtuber's videos, who was really in to the whole Visual Kei thing. I must've seriously watched like an hour's worth of videos.
And it wasn't til' I stopped that I realized that that might've been a bit strange for me.

Maria says it's not strange though, seeing as I love strong, bright colours, and sharp make up.
Which is true.

So, thank you to my bunny pop Ryo-chan for knowing me when I ... don't.

I am not a Visual Kei kind of person.. In fact, I have some very strong arguments against it. (Weird sentence. Arguments against music? But I'm serious non the less..... I have something against the voices of the singers. OK?!!)
But if I had a lot of money, and if I had a lot of time to get ready in the morning, and if I had the balls for it....
I would totally rock that style.

See? Gorgeous. And it's pretty mild.

The lenses are especially cool. (hehe)


This was random.

Probably because I'm random.



I have to sleep. Otherwise my whole 30-hour-or-so-no-sleep plan.. would be useless.

But a little bit of a: sorry to Billy, because I didn't have time today.

And a little bit of a: goodnight to the rest of you.

Guten morgen.

Ok, so it's 07:35 am, and I'm still awake.
Yes, I am implying that I never went to bed in the first place.

Sleeping is for sissies.

I'd give anything to get to take a nap.
But the thing is: I woke up at 3 pm yesterday.

In order to stop these bad habits, I will have to forfeit sleep today.
This technique has never actually... w.o.r.k.e.d..
But who knows, it might this time.

What to do now....?

I've been browsing around for fun colored lenses all night.
I think instead of buying a Buck T-shirt, I shall buy colored lenses.
What color?


You shall see.
Oh, you shall see.


There's a huge elephant in the room, and I feel like shooting it.

I think Swedes all over are thinking the same thing right now.

Summer's kinda over.

When it starts getting dark outside at night, you get this feeling that summer vacation is over. It doesn't even matter if it's 19 degrees outside. It's fall right now, as far as I'm concerned.
That is such a depressing thing to say.
But it's also a very swedish thing to say.

Let's all get prepared for the dark ages, shall we?

My feet hurt. So I've decided to not move for a few hours.

In the world of online gaming, I am just as shy as I am in real life.
Or maybe that's the wrong word...
I am just as secluded as I am in real life x'D
Don't ask me to join your squad and/or guild. I really would rather fight these simpletons on my own, even though it might take hours. Shoo!
The real reason I really don't want to join others though, is that I've realized that a lot of teenaged boys go around flirting with people in MMORPGs. How retarded can you get?
I could be 12, I could be 40.
Just because I play a girl doesn't mean I am one.
(Question: Why do a lot of guys play girl characters?)

Oh dear. I'm ranting yet again.

But here's an update:
My friend decided that she wasn't going to be able to go with me to see Inception. So I said, to heck with it, I'll go with my brother and his friends.
Yes, I really really really want to see this film.
Can you tell?

Who knows what kind of people my brother hang out with?

Just kidding of course.

No I'm not.

"Absolutely nothing."

I've decided to be sweet this time.
Because really, you need some sweet time in your life.

My sweet time usually consists of lots and lots of soda, lots of TV and very little sleep.
What do I mean by this?
Absolutely nothing.

But even though I did say I was gonna be sweet today. I will say this: sometimes.. Things get too sweet. And that makes me wanna get bitter.
For example: Too much fika (see an earlier post) (EDIT: earlier post doesn't exist anymore x'D. Fika= eating something sweet, like a cake of something, or just drinking a little coffee or soda, while bullshitting non-stop with friends and/or family) makes Maxie a dull.. girl.
No, it just makes me stuffy and moody.
I shouldn't have been born in Sweden, I've realized too late.

If there's one thing my friends know about me, it's that I don't need alcohol to get drunk.
My normal mode is beyond drunk.
That is why I'm a writer.
So basically, I don't need anything to be sweet. I just need a little bit of motivation.
Motivation, which I have now received, thanks to my little trip to the store today.

Noise. Cramped space. Lots and lots of people....
I mean sure, most of them were norwegian. But they were there! For realz.
It was my return to society. I feel human again.

Quote of the minute (yes I just said that): A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.

Can you believe a madman like L. Ron Hubbard said that?
That proves the fact that if you ramble on for years and years about nothing.. you're at least gonna squeeze out one or two awesome quotes. That's what I'm aiming for.

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