I am an earth...woman.

I never give up

No, that's a lie.
I gave up on playing PWI a couple of days ago. If you're one of the few people who still play it,
how do you get past lvl 20? (über boring)

Anyway. Jade dynasty is made by the same people. I'm gonna try that.


Wow. This post was interesting.
Very informative.

I should go pro.


Oh, and to Billy, who said that "my song" was crappy.

There are several songs! And none of them are "crappy", thank you very much.


Try listening to Earthman, by Poets & Pornstars.

It's what you would call art, Billeh.

----Lesson over----


"We got bombs and we got guns
We got everything you could want
Under a sun

We got pleasure
We got pain
We got people here who think
That they're the same

We're the fallen in the war
We're the bullets and the law
We're the kiss of love that heals it all

And it's so pretty down here
It might move you to tears...

I am an Earthman
I was born to the out of hand
The Poets and the Pornstars
The Lovers and the Die-Hards

And I never met a madman
Who didn't have a cause
And I never met a pervert
Who didn't have a broken heart

And I am...an Earthman. "


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