Modekungen contest.

I'm in love with a bag?

I guess I am.


The bag that you see down below can be bought right here ---->

As soon as I saw it, I noticed that gorgeous design on the front. It reminds me of greek art.
It's only available in black, which I don't mind. I usually wear a lot of colors, so having a black bag would be perfect for me, since it goes with anything.

See how it has two types of handles?
I love that look and feel, kinda like the bag can transform according to your own wishes.

It's pretty big, which is awesome as well. I always carry around about half of my belongings, so I need a lot of space. (Plus, my work demands that I carry a lot of papers and folders with me. It's worse than school I tell you)

I didn't know you could fall in love with objects,
but this bag has my eyes morphing into little pink hearts. <3

I want to own this.

Can I own this, please? *puppy dog eyes*



Click this link to get to the bag.



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