I know you're not supposed to want to jump ahead in time, because that means that you'll have lost precious moments that you'll want to reclaim when you're dying... But whatever, I have issues with this season, and it's driving me up the wall.

First of all, why is it around 0 degrees in January? February is the coldest month of the year, and already the snow's beginning to melt and turn into sneaky, sneaky white ice.
But that's not what I meant when I said that I had issues with this season!

What I meant was: Get me out of this boring interlude!

I've been cranky for a while now, seeing as I don't want to be here, doing the things I'm doing. I want to be somewhere else, studying. Living life.
But now things are worse... because of TV entertainment.

WHAT???? You ask?

(Is that really a question, by the way? I mean, I know it has a question mark after it, but.. it doesn't really contain any kind of information as to what it's asking..... ANYWAY--->)

Misfits season 3 --------> Premieres in November 2011

Sherlock season 2 -------> Premieres "Fall of 2011"

Dexter season 6 --------> Premieres in September 2011

It's like the universe is taunting me.
Everything happens after this summer.
And I'm still in the Before part of the year.

... and I'm losing my mind.

Am I being serious?





omg, I'm so excited I can't breathe.... *wheeze, wheeze*

I'm.... I'm about.... to... watch Dexter.


Details... later.


Long live the 90s!!

I just spent three hours watching an old J-drama (from 1996) with my mother. My m.o.t.h.e.r.

My parents are great and all, but they've never been open minded.
And when it comes to my obsession with asian dramas (and animes in the past) they've never been too shy to tell me how strange everything is.

"Why do they talk like that?"

"Do they have to scream all the time?"


But for some reason, mom was very eager to watch this drama.

It was Long Vacation, with Kimura Takuya from SMAP.
He looks so young in this~
It's insane.

Looking back, my mom has done this before.

Once, when I was watching Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. Also with Kimura Takuya.

I'm starting to see the connection here.

Apparently, moms love The Kimura.

Shall we call him the milfing man?

A little bit of .. this... and ... that...

Right, sorry for the momentary absence.
Being sick takes up a lot of time.
And energy.

You know when someone in your family, or at least someone you live with, is sick, you kind of feel sorry for them but want them to go away at the same time?
Yeah, because their constant coughing and sneezing and sniffling and moaning gets on your nerves eventually..?

Well, I know my parents feel that way whenever I'm sick, because of one simple reason:
I get the worst case of coughing, every single time.

I have a constant cramp in my stomach, because of my neverending coughing seizures, so I have to hold my stomach with both of my arms to even out the pain, which causes me to tip over and...
Well.. Let's just say I spend a lot of time crawling around.

And right now I'm trying to brush my teeth while coughing.
Not fun.. especially not for my desk.

Sorry desk.


Anyway, to something less boring.

Have any of you SEEN Sherlock?
I'm not talking about the movie with Robert Downey Jr, or even any of the old movies.. or TV shows... I'm talking about the newest british modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, simply called: Sherlock.

It's absolutely brilliant.

Right now there are only 3 episodes out, and they aren't planning on making any more for at least a year...
(At least that's what I've heard)

But those three episodes are wonderful, and they're 1,5 hours long, so it's like watching three movies!
Go see em!!

... Have I been talking for long enough now?
Good. Cuz I need some sleep.

I love the socially awkward/genius/sociopathic types, don't I?

"Bad" ~( I love you Paul Kellerman)~

I started re-watching season one of Dexter recently.
Am I the only one who giggles everytime he looks into the camera?

Oh jeez.

I love the "good guys", but when the "bad guys" are awesome, I love them even more.

For example, let me talk about one of the best "bad guys" of all time.
Paul Kellerman, from Prison Break.


Paul knew how to hold a gun, and there was never any hesitation.

If you were in his way, he'd shoot you. Hand steady. Eyes uncaring. (remember, he shot two people in order to get to a 17- or 16-year-old kid.)

But there was more to him. Instead of just giving him a name and a gun, they gave him depth.
Everything he did, he did for blind love. (which btw, is always sad)

And when that love turned on him; he didn't ask for forgivness, and he didn't run.

He did what he had to do. With style.

And with those awesome sun glasses on the whole time.

The suit helped too.


When they killed him off, I started crying like a grieving wife.

That's how good of a character he was.


A cowardly and boring douche like Bellick gets to stay on the show for all 4 seasons.

But Kellerman is thrown off stage, so to speak, after only 2?

That pisses me off


I don't remember how this turned into a rant about Prison Break...


Let's all remember though: the most interesting characters have dark sides.

Dexter, Paul... Himura Kenshin~ (all the nerds go: YEY!)

That doesn't necessarily mean they're "bad guys". Which is why I'll always write it like that. "Bad guys".



"Bad guys"


Ok, you get it.

Dexter season 5 trailer is OUT! *tears of joy*

Amazing news, people!

The trailer for Dexter Season 5 has just been released.
It was shown to the good people at Comic Con not too long ago,
and now, even us poor Comic Con-less folk get to see it.


Ok, people.

What do we think?

I think this will be the best season yet.


Some say this might be the last season. But I don't understand why they would end such an amazing show after just 5 seasons. Even crap like Desperate Housewives gets more screen time than that. (No offence to all you DH-fans... (probably 80% of all women))

If I were in charge, Dexter would never stop airing.


But I'm not .. Stop cheering. Jeez.


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