Just applied for 12----or was it 14?----Uni programs. Let's hope I didn't screw up the order.

For those of you wondering what I finally decided to go with, here's a hint ----> all of it.

No, but I definitely didn't forget anything. I threw in all the subjects that I've ever been slightly interested in, except for neuroscience, because honestly........................ No way.

I applied for lots of media production type programs. I applied for journalism programs. I applied for psychology programs. I applied for language/linguistics programs.

It's up to chance now.

And that's all I got.

Shower time.

I googled "random", and this is what I got.

Schleepy time.

I have to apply for university programs/courses soon.
This makes me have to answer the questions:

1. What do I want to do with my life?
2. Where do I want to go?

Getting me to use my brain at all is hard enough as it is, but to think that far ahead?

No, let's stop using the bimbo excuse.
I just really want to be a kitty cat.

Sleep all day.
Ignore my owners with style.
Make scratch marks on the couch.
Get into territorial fights.

Wow. No one wants to read this.

I wrote an email to a teacher I had in high school. Since I never visited her on christmas, or even sent a card saying: "Hello! I'm not dead. Hopefully, neither are you. Merry Christmas!" I thought I should AT LEAST send her an email, explaining why she might have seen my around town, even though I'm supposed to be in another city, studying right now.

This teacher meant so much to me in high school. Everyone in my class loved her, and you could just feel and see that she loved us back. She was like family.

I remember feeling lost and sad in my third year, because of stress and general confusion. I had this handler who I was supposed to talk to and get help from, but instead I went to this wonderful teacher, because she was the only one I actually trusted...
Plus, my handler was a total moron.

When I wrote this email, I expected to get an answer along the lines of: Oh! It's so nice to hear from you! I'm fine. Just got back from Greece. Healthy. Wonderful. Woopie!
But, instead she told me that she'd been robbed last year, and lost all her valuables. She told me she felt like moving out of her house, because it felt foreign and empty now.
My heart sank.

As I'm writing this I'm realizing how much I miss High school. I didn't love all aspects of it, especially not some of the people who went there with me. But I did love the feeling of being connected to something. I loved seeing my friends everyday, even though we were all tired and afraid of failing some upcoming test.
I loved the food!
God, the food was really good.

Lunch ladies, I took you for granted.
I'm sorry.
Your salad buffets made my mouth water.

Anyway, when my teacher told me she was sad, I thought about how you never think about your teachers as human beings. Not really. You think of them as parent-like entities. People who exist so that you can go forward in life. Her story should have shattered that image. And yet, I still feel like running to her and crying about my life.

This makes me think that all relationships end after high school, simply because they must.

My psychology teacher once told my class that once we left high school we wouldn't be friends anymore. We wouldn't have anything in common.
Back then, we scoffed.
But now.... It's all very obvious.

Sure, I'm still friends with all of them. But when we talk... We talk memories.

I feel like I'm stuck in the twilight zone.

Star signs

Today I heard that they're changing the star sign dates....

Isn't this the stupidest thing you've ever heard? Who cares if the stars have moved around a little bit? I've been a Scorpion all my life, I'm not telling people I've suddenly turned into a Libra.

It's not like anyone actually takes their horoscope seriously, anyway.

Oh lord, I certainly hope not.



With that kind of attitude you won't be able to do anything.

What is with parents and their unrelenting fear of the internet?


Actual conversation I had with my mother this morning:

(Me) -I created a new Youtube channel today, where my friends and I can upload videos and stuff... So we can see each other even though we live in different cities. Isn't that great, mom?

(Mom) -......Is this something that other people can see?

-No. Because you can make all the videos private.. and you can make sure that the entire channel is unlisted as well.

-......But can people get a hold of the videos anyway?

-No. Like I said.

-Not even Youtube?

-What? Of course they can. They own the website!!

-So they can use your videos as they wish?

-No!! What are you talking about?

-People with skills... computer skills.. they can always get a hold of your videos.

-It's not a terrorist organization, mom!!

-You have to be careful.

-It's just a channel where we upload things like:
"oh, look what I'm doing for school right now! And here's a cat. Look what I can do." It's harmless! And the only people who can upload and view the videos are the ones with our password!!


-Yes, mom. Password.

-So people who have your password can see your videos?

-....Yes... But they don't have our password.

-But they can get it.

-JESUS CHRIST! We're not uploading secret criminal messages, it's just for fun!! I'm leaving now.

(Dad) - Your mom is right, honey.



Things have been... New.
That's not a cohesive sentence. But I've been experiencing a lot of new stuff these past few months.

One of those things is my heightened youtube addiction. Apparently when you start your own channel, you turn into a youtube monster. My brother decided that he wanted to subscribe to my channel, and I saw that as a sign that he cared, and ever since I've been bombarding him with youtube nonsense, like: "I got this really sweet mail the other day", or: "What should I do next? What do you think?". And sure, he hasn't gunned me down yet, but if I were in his position I would've kicked me out the door like the freak I am.

I'm exaggerating, of course.
That's what I do.

Another thing is that I'm getting a lot older.
Duh, you might say. But what? I didn't expect to act older, I just thought I'd get some wrinkles and grey hair, and that'd be it.
But no, I'm all mature and shiz.
And I'm confused as to whether or not I approve of that fact.

I see other people's pain and suffer because of it. That's never happened before. In fact, I'm pretty sure I spent my first 18 years in a wonderland made up of me, me and me.
Now, all I want is to help, because I feel a need to make the world a better place. If the world-suck increases, I cry.
Not exactly literally, because I hate crying. But you get the idea.

Is it better to live in your own world, or face reality?

I haven't decided yet.

Reality can be pretty beautiful too, though.

But, yeah, in connection to the second fact (my "maturity"(question mark)) I've started noticing myself in another way. And this is the worst part of all.
If I were the way I used to be then I wouldn't have had a problem with my current life situation. But as it is I hate everything about it, and that is why I will go through with the writing course starting this month, even though it's in swedish, which scares the living hell out of me.

I haven't written fiction in swedish since I was in middle school.

I just know I'm gonna suck.
And I'm making myself not care.

There is no moral lesson here. I'm just rambling. Truly.

Goodnight world.

What does this say about me?

Someone just said: did you know that if you say "dumbass" in slow motion, it sounds like "gullible".

....And I actually said it in slow motion to check.



The Maxster is BACK!

WOW! Here's an example of airbrushing gone wrong!:


There are few things I hate more than over-airbrushed pictures of people that are genuinely hot. I mean, wow... That picture will haunt my dreams for years


I remember when I saw a photo of Yamapi, where they'd taken away his bellybutton. His BELLYBUTTON!!

What the fruggles is wrong with people?


And the fact that they always edit out his eye freckle (see: choroidal nevus) is heartbreaking.


Let's let people be beautiful! Flaws and all. I know I appreciate Pi-chan's flaws more than I appreciate that horrid picture of MatsuJun above. Oh yeah, that IS MatsuJun. Not an alien.


Jesus Macarena.




Anywayz, here I am. Back to the future interwebs. And what do I see? Leslie Nielsen is dead?

For you Leslie, I shall crank up the volume on my speakers and ponder life and The Naked Gun.


But first, I shall make lunch.

Because I'm hungry.


Here's my wishlist, Magyx family:


Late night nothings from a woman going bald.

I'm only writing this because I'm trying to stay awake. I might not even post this... If you're reading this, I've probably posted it. No, actually.. I definitely have.

So, first of all. A friend of mine is in the hospital. NO! She is not dying. But that doesn't mean that we can't pity her. So here you go Maria:

That is me feeling sorry for you. . . I think. Finding a smiley that stands for pity is hard, man.

Hospitals suck. I don't understand why the kids get fun and colorful wallpapers and toys galore, whilst adults have to deal with white (sometimes pale green) walls and a book from home. Even visitors are bored by the mere sight of hospitals. Even the people who work there probably yawn at the thought of their own profession.

No, I take that back. Digging around in people's intestines probably isn't that boring.
I mean... saving lives...


... Why can't I make sentences without insulting people?

Moving on.

I need to go to the doctor myself pretty soon. I've got issues with my dead skin cells (ergo: my hair. I need to stop being so retarded), and today I reached my limit. If I don't get help soon, I'll break down completely.
You don't mess with a girl and her hair, universe!

Why are we all so sick and unhealthy all the time?

I'm tired.


I don't really have a subject in mind right now, but I really feel like writing.. mostly because that gives me a reason not to do other things. (ahhh.. school nostalgia)

I finished my book yesterday, which means that I'll be reading The Way of Shadows tonight, which is  a book about assassins. The main character is probably going to be really cool, and I'll end up wanting to play Assassin's Creed again, so I'll break into my brother's apartment, demanding that he lends me his PS3.

Really, cool characters are bad for us. Do we really need more reasons to not like ourselves? We should be asking for characters like.. Steve Urkel. He was nerdy, annoying and fugly. When watching him, we thought to ourselves: At least I'm not Steve Urkel. But when playing Assassin's Creed, we think: Why do I even exist if I don't get to be as cool as Altair?

Some people try to be cooler, and end up jumping off buildings because they think they can fly.. because they're stupid.

I would like to think that there's an Altair in all of us. But it's hard to imagine when you see people like that crazy girl on youtube who can't sing I will always love you. How many layers do you have to peel off to find Altair in her?

I'm rambling. I figured this would happen.

Probably shouldn't post this.
But I probably will anyway.

Yesterday I made meatsauce pie. It was delicious, but I think it would've been better if I put some taco spices in it. Remember that the next time you make meatsauce pie; tacos tacos tacos.


"Neon Woman". In stores nowhere near you, never.

I was bored, (all the best stories start with "I was bored", unfortunately, this is not one of them.)
so I started playing around with my camera.
Now, when girls play around with their cameras, they pretty much only take pictures of themselves.
Maybe you can find one or two photos of a plant or.. a lamp. But 99% of it will most likely be self portraits.

So, to rephrase that.. I was taking pictures of myself, and I took this one photo that really made me think of Ke$ha. You know.. that girl who autotunes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g?

Doesn't this look like a typical CD cover?


Wouldn't you buy that? Cuz I sure wouldn't.


Oh man.


Maria. See what you left me with?

I need to get a hobby.

Nothing will stop me from boring people!

I know that the International-Feel-Sorry-For-Yourself Day isn't until May 12th next year,
but I don't even care.
I don't even c-a-r-e.

-----------------I'm bored-----------------

I've been watching old CuteWithChris videos all day, awww-ing over adorable cat photos and missing Chris so much I called someone a bimbo. (doesn't make sense)

Why aren't I at work? You ask?
Well, that's a good question.
And I choose not to answer it.
Just like you chose to be nosy.


I mentioned Halloween earlier, did I not?

I did.

My birthday is on the fourth of November. T'will be a sad day, filled with.. nothing.

Just like Halloween.

Just like my life.


*dramatic music*

*dramatic swoop of hands over face*


I really need to get some air. This is getting ridiculous. Later on, I will tell you what I bought yesterday. Not because it's something you need to know. But because it will give me something to do other than stare at kitties and movie reviews from last year.


And, Maria.

You, me, November 19th, Harry Potter premiere. F**k yeah.

(--this is just as binding as a contract--)


Peace off.

I edited this post for a reason.









....I need sleep.....

"Just because an idea is overly convoluted and complex doesn't make it cool"

If you want to know what South Park thinks of Inception (and, yes... yes you do),
then click here ------> http://dft.ba/-1CD

I laughed so hard my parents woke up.
Sorry parents.
But t'was funny.

"Why do we need a football player???!!"
"Sometimes thoughts of my dead wife manifests themselves as trains!!!"


"Will they be able to wake Mackey up?"
"If they don't, it will be the end of Europe as we know it."



Oh South Park, sometimes you do manage to entertain me.

Yes we CAN... change the menu.

To dream is to subject yourself to cruel torture.





So I lost to PWI again, and installed it once more, because apparently, my life is that boring.
But now, it seems I can't play it, because my screen settings.. something something... I don't know. I'm not a computer nerd. I'm a book nerd.

Times like these, you know who to call. (don't sing)
You call one of your genius brothers.

This makes me feel sorry for the geniuses in the family. They're born to help their retarded family members, and can they escape that fate? No. Simply because family bonds are eternal. *spooky music*

So, as you all know, I love Christmas.

And because me and my family keep screwing up when it comes to joy and celebration, we (aka: me) decided to switch it up a bit.

I'm creating a new dinner menu.


I know!

But some rules are meant to be broken. Especially if they've been boring the crap out of you for 19 years. (Or, as is the case for some of us, 50+ years. YIKES!)

I know I can't skip the meatballs, because my brother will literally strangle me to death, but the rest is history.

Current status on the menu:

  • Turkey (Seriously)
  • Some kind of pie.
  • Homemade meatballs and potatoes. (Note: Not homemade potatoes. I don't even know how that'd work)

Will there be ham? I don't think so. This year, Christmas will be ham-free.

I'll figure out the rest of the menu later. Wanna help? New ideas are welcome~

This is all so shocking.

I think I need to lie down for  a bit.. and watch the final episode of Bloody Monday. (Have you seen that show? It goes by really slowly... and it's filled with plotholes... but you can't stop watching because of that damn Miura Haruma. Mama)

Like I said.......: Mama

National Novel Writing Month and... Creepy Carpenters.

If you have an idea about what you could write for NaNoWriMo, should you wait until November to start writing? Or is ok to start before November? Just asking.

Because I really think it'd be awesome to try doing NaNoWriMo this year.

WHAT? You've never done NaNo before????

No, I haven't.
I've never had the energy.

This year though, since I'm not in school anymore, and all I have on my schedule is a short uni course and a job that I can skip from time to time... I thought: Why not?

Since my discipline skills are horrible, I might not be as successful as some other writing pros, but who gives a crap? =D Like a very wise teenager once said: "It's not a race" (He said that quite recently actually.)



There are a bunch of carpenters walking up and down ladders outside my window. I feel like they're watching me, even though they're probably not.

It's giving me the creeps though.

But, hey, at least I put some clothes on.

Having carpenters at your house is much worse if you live in a small town. Because, chances are you know one or two of them from school.
And then you have to go through that awkward hello-thing, when you're thinking: God, I look like shit. And he's thinking: Haha, which one of us has a real job, beyotch?


Can I just ask, like what the hell is wrong with guys?
They eat ALL THE TIME! And then when you eat at normal times of the day, they call you strange.

I kept hearing Mr. Pro salesman saying: I'm hungry! I haven't eaten in an hour!

That's not normal! You need to stop burning so many calories by... whatever the hell it is you're doing. You're sitting on a chair! You shouldn't be needing so much energy!

Is that their curse?
We get menstruation, emotions and pregnancy, and they get Jabba the Hut-syndrome?


*end of rant.


This is way off topic, but wouldn't it be better if Jabba was named Boba Fett?

Like seriously, was there some kind of mix-up?



So, I don't know what's wrong with me. But whenever someone finds my blog, or.. videos on youtube, I always react the exact same way:

-Oh hey, Maxie. I found your channel on youtube! Oh, here's a video. I'mma watch it.

Like, damn woman, it's on the internet. What did you expect?

I react pretty much the same way to a lot of things though.

-You're pretty.

-Wanna share that bottle of coke?

-Oh yes, there's a football game on TV tomorrow night.

There really is a football game on TV tomorrow night.

Once in a lifetime... I guess.

Happy 10.10.10-day dudes and dudettes.
I was supposed to post this at 10.10 pm, cuz that would've been perfect.
But of course, I got caught up in something completely random and unnecessary, and...
I missed it.





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