Just a little bit of rambling on a thursday morning... oh wait. It's almost dinner time.

I know I'm not supposed to be against democracy and ... free speech and all that good stuff.
But when you realize that a huge percent of the world's population is made up of morons who use these rights for their own evil purposes, you kind of want to break a few rules and propose a teensy bit of un-democratic righteousness.

Why do people get to say bad things about gay people, when I'm not allowed to punch someone in the face for liking Wuthering Heights? I mean, words aren't just words. They can hurt just as bad as being punched in the face.
Actually, I would say words have a tendency to cause suicides, which punching people in the face... doesn't.

I thought there was a limit to what people could say before crossing the line called: law.
Are you allowed to violate someone, verbally, in public?

Really, I think we're all a little bit confused as to what should be allowed and what shouldn't be allowed.

If the law can't help us--- which it obviously can't--- we should be able to fight back. Right?

This is me fighting back.
This is me telling all the conservative bastards of the world to suck it.
Because I really do hate you.

And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we're all just waiting for you to go away. Whether that means you stop complaining and get with the program, or that you just.. die, I don't really know.
It doesn't matter.
You're the only thing standing in the way of our goal; world peace.

So... How long do you think it'll take? Cuz I've got other things to worry about, you know.


I need something to get my mind off of this idiocy.

Oh, I know.

*smiley face*


Postat av: Billy

If you can't stand Swedish conservatives, I don't know how much you'll hate American conservatives :P

I agree. I often see kids, and sometimes grown adults, who say whatever that is on their mind, and their only excuse for saying it is, "America is a free country/freedom of speech/it's my right" and all other cunning excuses, but that is just absurd. Of course they are perfectly allowed to say what they want, but I think they also have to be responsible for their actions and words. If it's their right to say what they want about me(or whoever they don't like, for that matter), then I can just as rightfully fire back with words, sometimes physically, and if they get their ass whooped in either physical or theoretically, then, well, justice served. But if they intend to hide away, abuse their "rights" and just talk hateful craps like flapping vagina lips, then it is one of the worst forms of cowardice.

As uncle Ben said(I'm such a nerd, I'm quoting from Spider Man to discuss this serious business xD), "With great power, comes great responsibilities."

I'm not expecting responsibilities as a form of consequence per se, I just want those bastards to have some reasonable logic behind their opinions, not some 10 years old kids' silly name calling or whatever the hell is going on out there.

End of rant.

By the way, that blue shiz looks awfully tasty :3

2010-10-07 @ 18:48:28
Postat av: Maxie

Oh actually, I was talking about the conservative people of the WORLD, and thinking mostly about americans. But also other countries. Because, as far as I can see, what's causing wars and drama over peoples' rights are conservative opinions. And when I say conservative, I mostly mean people who are either 1) religious extremists who takes the so called "word of God" more seriously than the suffering of man, or 2) morons who believe that democracy is bad. (I seriously don't see how that could make sense)

It's so hard to stay politically correct when people make you mad =P I suppose being ghandi about the whole thing is more mature.. but it won't stop morons from being morons.

Oh.. and yes. The blue shiz IS awfully tasty =3

tastes like candy.

2010-10-07 @ 21:35:12
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