Edgar Allan Poe and Puppy Murder... Dark stuff.

I want to write about two things.
Good News, Bad News...
What should we pick first?

I say: Good.

I heard about a new movie project today. James McTeigue (director of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.) is going to make a movie called The Raven, obviously about Edgar Allan Poe. Apparently he finally found his lead actor, and lo' and behold...
It's my favourite actor, mr. John Cusack.

is the best when it comes to dark but witty movies. He will be a great Poe. (wrote Pie, at first)
Some people argue he hasn't been in a decent movie for 9 years or so,
but I really don't understand why that would mean he wouldn't be great in this one.
I've pretty much seen every movie he's ever been in, and, in my opinion, even when the movie itself is horse shit, he makes it bareable because of his natural charm and talent.
A true star.

Edgar Allan Poe
and John Cusack.
This will be epic.


The next thing, the "bad news", is pretty much just me talking about how I feel about people throwing puppies into rivers.


When I say: "throwing puppies into rivers", the natural response would of course be: "oh my god, that is absolutely horrible."

And yes. It is.


Yet, here is a bosnian girl doing it, while shouting: Wheeeee!


4chan got ahold of this video, and of course started searching the web for whoever did this.

And they may or may not have found her.

Her facebook has been cancelled, apparently, because of the onslaught of harrassing comments on her wall.

I am not a hateful person.

But for this bitch, I feel nothing but murderous rage.


Apparently, even PETA has joined the fight.

PETA and 4chan join teams?

This is dangerous stuff. Watch out, puppy killers.



*hits something*

Postat av: Billy

"he makes is bareable because of his natural charm and talent."

Try to find any spelling mistake(s) from that :P

And about that puppy-throwing Bosnian girl,

I'd hit that.


Very hard.

No, but seriously, I clenched my fist while watching that O_O

2010-09-01 @ 21:03:02
Postat av: Maxie

why, thanks, mr. party pooper. I fixed it. Happy now? =p

And yes. She'll suffer forever cuz she was stupid enough to get FILMED! You don't mess with the internetz.

Just like that bitch Helen who wrote that article saying youtube sucks.. OH MAN! I wanna punch her so bad >.<

2010-09-02 @ 12:44:28
URL: http://maxiemagyx.blogg.se/
Postat av: Maria.

Fucking B.I.T.C.H... :A

I hope she'll be tortured in hell forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and aver by Mr.Devil himself. Seriously.

2010-09-04 @ 19:09:30
URL: http://nishikdobsessions.blogg.se/

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