My feet hurt. So I've decided to not move for a few hours.

In the world of online gaming, I am just as shy as I am in real life.
Or maybe that's the wrong word...
I am just as secluded as I am in real life x'D
Don't ask me to join your squad and/or guild. I really would rather fight these simpletons on my own, even though it might take hours. Shoo!
The real reason I really don't want to join others though, is that I've realized that a lot of teenaged boys go around flirting with people in MMORPGs. How retarded can you get?
I could be 12, I could be 40.
Just because I play a girl doesn't mean I am one.
(Question: Why do a lot of guys play girl characters?)

Oh dear. I'm ranting yet again.

But here's an update:
My friend decided that she wasn't going to be able to go with me to see Inception. So I said, to heck with it, I'll go with my brother and his friends.
Yes, I really really really want to see this film.
Can you tell?

Who knows what kind of people my brother hang out with?

Just kidding of course.

No I'm not.


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