It's been a while. And here's why. (?)

This is my ode to intelligent and interesting co-workers.
When you have a job that is as repetative and dull as mine, (5 hours spent on my ass, with nothing to look forward to, except a simple sandwich for dinner) you treasure your co-workers.
Not only do they provide you with the only entertainment you can count on getting,
but they're also a source of comfort.
Because no matter how shitty your day is, you can bet their day is just as shitty.

Unless they're making more money than you.

(As is the case today)

This job may be sucky,
but the people who work here are awesome.

A good looking guy with a passionate love for music, and quite possibly one of those rare genuinely great personalities. A movie buff with an interest in writing and reviewing (yes, indeed). A sweet and very northern sounding girl who almost never shows up because of her studies in psychology. A super funny, and strange guy with a name that reminds me of a character in a book. A guy from Iceland. Iceland, I tell you.

I could seriously write a book about this place.
In fact, I probably should.


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