Love the make up at least.

I was watching this minor make up guru youtuber's videos, who was really in to the whole Visual Kei thing. I must've seriously watched like an hour's worth of videos.
And it wasn't til' I stopped that I realized that that might've been a bit strange for me.

Maria says it's not strange though, seeing as I love strong, bright colours, and sharp make up.
Which is true.

So, thank you to my bunny pop Ryo-chan for knowing me when I ... don't.

I am not a Visual Kei kind of person.. In fact, I have some very strong arguments against it. (Weird sentence. Arguments against music? But I'm serious non the less..... I have something against the voices of the singers. OK?!!)
But if I had a lot of money, and if I had a lot of time to get ready in the morning, and if I had the balls for it....
I would totally rock that style.

See? Gorgeous. And it's pretty mild.

The lenses are especially cool. (hehe)


This was random.

Probably because I'm random.



I have to sleep. Otherwise my whole 30-hour-or-so-no-sleep plan.. would be useless.

But a little bit of a: sorry to Billy, because I didn't have time today.

And a little bit of a: goodnight to the rest of you.

Postat av: Billy

It's all good, talking daily isn't absolutely necessary anyways :P

I was never fond of VK either. Melissa was really into it, and I couldn't stand the songs she listened, except for X Japan of course xD

2010-07-31 @ 04:47:42
Postat av: Maria.

Yeah visual kei-ish make-up is totally gorgeous and awesome in every single way, but I'm like you here... I don't like the singers.

I mean - An café? .... You just gotta hate it.

I love my new nickname by the way! Bunny pop Ryo, haha :)

2010-07-31 @ 18:52:13
Postat av: Maxie

B: X-Japan... hmmm... Maybe I like one song. But it's the same with that guy's voice. They all really ... sound alike =P

Bunny Pop: I don't have to but I do x'D Whiny s.o.b. And your new nick is perfect for you.

Thanks for going along with the theme for the blog btw. =P

2010-07-31 @ 21:14:53

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