The election FFS.

It's late....
So no pictures today.
Especially not of my hair.
I'm waiting for it to fade a little bit.
Don't want you all going: OMG IT'S NOT BROWN IT'S RED!!!?

...Oh, and in case you're not following any of this,
I dyed my hair yesterday.
Or well, a friend of mine did.
And then I dyed hers.
And then we sat for 3 hours fixing her anniversary present.... (which she should have already given to her boyfriend by now.. if he didn't like it, I'll personally strangle him in his sleep =D)
Just a normal friday night, right?



The election is coming up, so naturally. every morning I wake up and hear people on the TV yelling at each other.
"I'm right, you're wrong!!"
"No, I'm right, and you're wrong!!"

They use other words, but that's pretty much the jist of it, right there.

Politicians benefit from teenagers who don't know anything about politics, simply because they hear one good thing about a certain party and think: "oh, that's nice... I'mma vote for them, cuz I don't feel like researching the other parties... too much work."

That's a direct quote from myself.


...No it's not.

But I will admit, I'm not into the whole.. politics thing. (you can see that just by seeing how I refer to politics as a sort of foreign thing that I don't know enough about to name properly)
Not because I don't care about my country, but because I simply can't find any real opinions within me.
I'm not a student. I'm not exactly amongst workers... I don't have a driver's license.. I'm not sick...
None of the questions that people are fighting for right now is of any direct value to me.

Sometimes I try to learn more about the different parties.
I ask my friends what they think.
I ask my parents.
I try to watch one of those debate shows.... (but I usually give up after about 10 minutes)

The way I see it, we've got three things to choose from:

1) A good life.
2) Another kind of good life.
3) Nazis.

All I have to do is to not pick the nazis right?
I can do that.


To be completely honest, I "sold" my vote yesterday. This really cute friend of mine bought me a cupcake, saying I had to vote for her favourites in the election.
Some say I'm easily bought.. Others say I have the lowest integrity possible..

You've all got it wrong though. This girl can't vote. (shock value)
She's too young.
But she's got the political spark that I don't have. I can see the will to vote in her eyes. It's like a dark blue fire.
So I did what any good person in my situation would have done.
I donated my vote to her.

If that's not an act of incredible kindness, I don't know what is!!


You're not buying it?

Naw, me neither.

I just really love cupcakes.

I may not get as involved in these things like others do,
but at least I know the ground rules.
F the Nazis.

That's good enough, I think.


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