Stuff, things!.. and Derma Seta?

30 days and 30 nights of literary abandon... for sure!

I have written 30% of my novel. That's 15000 words. Now, the longest story I've ever written was about 15-16000 words long, which means that I will soon pass my record.
How I've managed to keep writing is a mystery. I've never been a fast writer, and I've never had any self control. But I guess being in the situation I am has helped a lot.

My course in crime scene archeology (Yes.. I just said that) starts tomorrow. And I'm starting to think maybe I should skip it. I just feel like maybe I should be concentrating on getting a job and finishing my novel rather then taking a course in something completely random and time consuming?
I don't know, though. I haven't decided yet.


Here's a review of the Infomercial toy called Derma Seta. (Yes.. I just said that)


I got one for my birthday. At first, I thought it was a joke. But apparently my mom had been curious as to whether or not it actually works.


It does.

I'm serious.


But it's not exactly the best hair removal product out there. Actually, in order to get smooth, smooth legs (like you want, and like they promise you'll get) you'll have to sandpaper your legs til' they're bright red.

It hurts.


At least I didn't get sores, like this other person I know did.


Maybe I'll use it as a leg smoothener instead. Because your skin does get a lot softer.

I haven't tried all functions yet.

Next time, I'll try the lotion thing.



The review is OUT! Get excited!!!..... or not, whatever.

Have you read Fallen, by Lauren Kate?

No? Then you probably shouldn't watch this review (even though it's awesome), because it's about the sequel to Fallen; Torment.

If you HAVE read it though, then go ahead and watch it as many times as you want.



Now, I really should be sleeping already.

How am I gonna fix this little problem of mine?

Sleeping pills?


No, I think I'll try warm milk before I go for the drugs.


Goodnight peeps.

--After-- Inception. The Review.

Right off the bat, let's give this movie a 5/5.


I loved every minute of if. And that's saying a lot, because this movie is 2,5 hours long. (And it was expensive)

When I saw the trailer, I thought that moments like when the city bent over itself would be the highlights, but no! This movie is way too good to say that it depended on special effects.

Sure, without them, it wouldn't have been as good. But let's agree that the special effects weren't the only reason you stepped out of the theater thinking: Wow! My mind is blown.


When I saw the first review of Inception, there was this old man who said that it was too pretentious for his taste. And at the time, I thought he was being old and whiny.

But now, I can't say I don't understand what he's saying.

Yes, this means I do have some problems with the movie. But not big enough to change my rating.


The ending was what bored me. I'd heard so much about how people were shocked, and how it blew them away and all that... But come on.. I saw it coming from miles away.
That sort of felt like the obvious ending to a movie like this. It was so obvious, in fact, that I was sort of hoping Nolan would come up with something else.

But no. He went with it.

The ending, and the complicated idea behing the storyline, are probably the two reasons why that old man called it pretentious. It was like Nolan made the movie, thinking first that he wanted to make something complex enough to make people pay a lot of cash to see it over and over again, and then figured out the storyline.

EDIT: What I'd really want is to sit down and talk to Nolan about this film, and about what details in the film led up to that ending. I want to know for sure that he didn't just put that in there to confuse us, but that he in fact planted small hints throughout the movie (that I missed) that explains the ending.

I'm sure a lot of people would like a one-on-one session with Nolan though. *laughs*

I don't really care though. Because like I said, I enjoyed every single moment.

This movie is so well made. I hate that people compare it to The Dark Knight. Because 1) I don't even like that movie. And 2) This has nothing to do with Batman. Shut up. Let the man make other movies.


I loved all the actors. Not just Leonardo (even though I do think that people don't mention him as much as they should when talking about this movie), but all of them.

I usually don't like Ken Watanabe, because he's in every movie that requires an older asian man and I was getting bored with his performances. But he was pretty interesting in this one.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a favourite of mine since the first time I saw Mysterious Skin (If you haven't seen this movie, jesus christ, what are you waiting for?) And when he rocked this role completely, I wasn't surprised.

Ellen Page isn't just cute. She's talented.

And then someone whose name I had to google. Tom Hardy. When he was in the scene, he was always the best one there.


So there you go.

If you haven't seen Inception yet, because you want to see Eclipse or.. Toystory 3.. or.. (god forbid) Shrek.. Get a grip. This is the movie of the year.




I don't have any plans for the evening. So I guess I'll just eat some ice cream and watch the fourth season of Prison Break.

Or maybe I should eat some food. I just realised I haven't done that today.....


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