I had a dream...

.... And it was probably the best dream I've ever had. *big eyes*

So, it started with me killing 4 people---

WOWOWOWOWOW! Don't get ahead of me here.
3/4 of them were bad people.
And it was a dream.
It doesn't matter.
Shut up.
Can I continue?

I don't remember who they were.. Except for one of them.
Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
I remember talking to someone about regretting having to shoot him, because he was such a good guy. (Seriously. How could anyone NOT like Fredrik?) But I didn't have a choice, because he was after me.
Yes. Can you see how awesome this dream was already? The prime minister was playing the cat and mouse and guns game with me.

I can see how my brain would make Reinfeldt into that kind of character though. I blame Prison Break.

They must be twins!! SERIOUSLY!

So because I killed 4 people, I waited at home with my family for the police to come and get me.
This is where things get to be a bit hazy.
I went with them, but somehow I got away.
I remember jumping into a black 67' impala (not kidding) and driving like a madman to get away from whichever cop was in charge of catching me.

This is when everything turned into a game.
I found myself driving to this carnival, where I had to run, run, run and hide in order to not get caught. But I did get caught, several times. And when that happened I got to start over again, and choose another route.
I ran to this parking lot, where my car was...

... And then I woke up.


Man... That dream was awesome.

And now I have to get dressed and go to work?

Me and Maria watched three or four episodes of Supernatural last night.

Postat av: Maria

Oh I can really see you like to watch Supernatural with me!

2010-09-24 @ 14:20:17
URL: http://nishikidobsessions.blogg.se/
Postat av: Maxie

It was to explain why my brain was so obsessed with action and murder and cars that night, ass-but!!

2010-09-24 @ 17:49:54
URL: http://maxiemagyx.blogg.se/

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