There's a huge elephant in the room, and I feel like shooting it.

I think Swedes all over are thinking the same thing right now.

Summer's kinda over.

When it starts getting dark outside at night, you get this feeling that summer vacation is over. It doesn't even matter if it's 19 degrees outside. It's fall right now, as far as I'm concerned.
That is such a depressing thing to say.
But it's also a very swedish thing to say.

Let's all get prepared for the dark ages, shall we?

Postat av: Billy

"It doesn't even matter if it's 19 degrees outside."

You sound as if 19 degrees is warm to you :P It's 25 degrees tonight here, and I just told my father, "It's chilly outside!" xD

2010-07-26 @ 02:26:33
Postat av: Maxie

You're an asshole Billy x'D I take what I can get!

19 is warm =P Just wait til you actually visit Schweeden. You'll be glad to get 19.

Better than 40 huh? =P

2010-07-26 @ 04:42:48
Postat av: Billy

Nope, once I get used to the weather, I am actually very good at enduring cold. So yeah, I will still be fine when I'm at Schweeden. You should be glad, because I usually have warm body and I give out hugs for free, especially for my wifey ;)

2010-07-26 @ 06:25:51
Postat av: Maxie

You're missing the point =P 19 is warm.

2010-07-26 @ 15:40:14

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