Today, I wrote my 1700 words, and then... I have no idea what happened, but I suddenly couldn't write a single sentence over the goal minimum. I was so bored by my own story, even after throwing in all that action!
It's like I'm writing the climax, and I'm only 19000 words into the story. I can't quit here! What kind of novel only has 19000 words??

Get a grip. Get a grip. Get a grip!

God, I want Christmas.

I also want a job.

Well, that's abusing my wishes. What I meant to say was: I want money. Reality tells me that I cannot get it without working, though.. So there goes that wish.

No, actually, I do want a job. Do you know how depressing it is sitting in your bedroom writing something that you know won't ever get published, without anything else to do? It's like your life is completely without purpose.

And yet, whenever someone tells me to go get a job at McDonalds, I cringe.
That should tell you something about how much I want you to disappear, McDonalds. You're ruining the world with your existence.


I'm gonna change the subject and tell you something fun.
I made a chicken pie yesterday =) And t'was delicious. So if you guys want to try it, go search for a recipe online. Because I've lost mine.
I'm serious. I had it, then I lost it.
Maybe the dog ate it, mistaking it for the actual pie.
Firsov, you naughty puppy.



Looks a lot less delicious than it was.

You're just gonna have to trust me.


Eureka! I can cook! I can cook!


Short note on suckiness and how to get in its face and say: "Move over, bitch."

As I'm writing this, I see that it's already 03.37 in the morning.
I've actually started NaNo-ing again. So of course, that explains why I'm not asleep right now.

Here's how I solved my problem (for those of you who actually care).
I threw in a sudden hostage situation, and added some guns and danger.

Did it fit into the story? ... Probably not.

But since it made my writing experience less sucky, I approve of this sudden urge for violence.

Goodnight for now.

Yours truly,
The Bad Writer From Schweeden.

Can you believe people actually ate that thing? (talking about the cake)





I haven't written a single word today.

I'm starting to hate my story, and that kind of slows down my creativity.

What can I do to twist it around and make it interesting again?

Maybe I should just throw in some pirates.

Pirates are always fun.




Live long and prosper.





NaNoWriMo starts in 35 minutes!

Nighttime. Post Bloody Monday.

I just installed yWriter.
I've never used anything but OpenOffice to write whatever it is I need to write,
but recently I realized that that may be why I never feel like writing.
OpenOffice isn't exactly made for novelists, is it?

yWriter isn't the best program to write in either, but it is good to make character- and plot notes. To write, I use another program called Q10.
I know, this is getting to be a bit confusing.

Q10 is great though, because it fills up your entire screen--- black, not white ---and makes the sounds a typewriter makes.
I love it.

What else do I need to prepare myself for NaNo?

.... Candles?

Why I sometimes wish I was old.... I guess.



(We share poses,

but somehow I'm thinking his problems are a bit tougher than mine... maybe)



So, I'm sitting here again, with a new glass of lemon..ade(?), even though I never finished my last one.

I'm still at 1/4 a page,
mainly because I'm the kind of writer that gets stuck on every single detail.
That is also the reason why I haven't written anything in a year.

I want to write, I need to write,
but what I end up doing instead is researching what kind of birds visit certain towns, and how often, for about two hours.

I was 15 minutes away from going completely mental.

So, I decided to take an undeserved break.

It's hard being a writer when you're 18 years old. Not just because you're constantly distracted by useless things, (like for example, when I was writing that sentence I noticed suddenly that the color of the bottow half of my lemonade was different from the rest, and proceeded to stir it with my finger... now I'm all sticky)
but because, as a writer, you're limited to writing things based off of what you already know.. and 18-year-olds don't know much about anything.. in general.

Like, this one time, I tried to write about two people, one 19, the other 28, who were hopelessly in love, but bothered by the obvious age difference. I wanted a scene where the 28-year-old made a reference that the 19-year-old didn't understand, because of her adorable youth.... But since I, the writer, the creator of them both, was a year younger than the youngest of the two, I couldn't possibly come up with a reference to something that I, myself, wouldn't get.

This is why I'm still stuck at 1/4 of a page.

And this is why I see myself in a mental asylum by the age of 30.

I think I'll go read someone else's writing for a while, and hope that their genius and persistence won't further increase my desperation~ -_-

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