Oh God.. You don't have to read this. Actually, it'd be better if you didn't.

I'm writing this simply because.... It's my last day of work this month.
We all know what that means.
It's AGAINST THE LAW to work hard on the last day of the month.
Even though you still need the money.
I don't argue with the law, folks.

You shouldn't either.

So, I'm starting to think that's it's time for me to find another job.

All I need is some courage.
(*Seriously lacking courage here*)

Working from 8 to 5 would actually be nice.
I could come home, eat dinner, relax a bit, go to bed, wake up early.... It'd be like high school again.

How'd it go?
I need to talk to you!
Let's talk!
I have money on my phone!
Why aren't I texting you right now?
What's WRONG with me?

Oh, and how'd the batman thing go? ^.~

Time to call a certain bastard again.
Please, let him be a nice bastard.

-The End.

Dexter wouldn't fit in with the cast of Grown Ups... Let's just say that.

Of course, the season premiere of Dexter was amazing.
I can already tell, this particular season is going to break my heart.




Tonight I saw Grown Ups, with Adam Sandler, Kevin James... Rob Schneider... Chris Rock... A bunch of other people... It's a great movie.

Not just because it's funny, but because it makes you smile.

Get the difference?
It's a feel-good movie on a whole other level.


There are no real conflicts, nor is there a particular curve to it. It's just fun and relaxed.

I loved it.


That friggin' Vampires Suck, though?

Not seeing that.



omg, I'm so excited I can't breathe.... *wheeze, wheeze*

I'm.... I'm about.... to... watch Dexter.


Details... later.


Harley Quinn for Halloween?

Halloween isn't exactly a big deal for anyone within the Swedish borders....
I mean, it isn't even a legitimate holiday here.

But it's always fun to dress up and pretend you're someone else for a day.... Someone way cooler than you.
So far, though, I've never really bought or made a real costume.
I've cheated with.. simple witch make-up (whatever that means) and scary skin tones.
But this year... I really wanna do something more elaborate and stupid.

I went over my choices and came up with this list:

1) The Mad Hatter
2) Harley Quinn

And since I don't feel like buying lenses JUST for a costume, I'mma go with the blue eyed choice.

She's a fabulous, though cowardice, character with great clothes.
But the beforementioned clothes are very hard to sew, and surprisingly expensive to buy.
So why not make a new kind of Harley Quinn?

This is my inspiration:


I'm thinking: THAT, but with a little less slut-iness.
And nevermind that ugly head-piece. (They're not supposed to be that close together.. duh)

So, whattayathink?
I'm not great at the whole sewing thing... I haven't got a huge budget... But I want to at least TRY this year.

.... Why?

Well. I really don't know.
I'll probably be the only one who gives a crap.

Whenever I have some free time... I'll go looking for cheap fabric.

This'll be interesting.

Update on what's important...

This amazing person made a complete picture of what Mika looked like in the movie.

(Obviously super talented)

Look at those shoes!



Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D... Finally!

I just got back from seeing Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.

And... before I start rambling on and on about the storyline, 3D effects and such... I would just like to say that Resident Evil has officially moved on from the zombie genre. Afterlife is an action movie featuring some zombies.
Personally, I have nothing against that.
I'm just saying that because I know a lot of people who like Resident Evil are zombie fans.

"Wait, is this the Matrix?"

Now, let's hate on 3D.

Yeah, that's right.
F*** 3D.

This was the first movie I'd ever seen in 3D, so my expectations were kinda high to begin with. But damn it, was I disappointed.
Instead of thinking: wow, this is cool... and totally worth the money. I kept thinking: omg, these glasses are annoying, and I can't lie down, because then the rims will be in the way... oh god, the screen gets blurry all the time when the camera pans a little to quickly... my eyes... jesus, was that it? In the commercials people keep ducking and shiz... Talk about being overrated...
The coolest 3D effect was the title text.
It was like the text was in the room.
I liked that.

The rest sucked though.

Now, to be fair, it might be our theater. This is a small town, and even though we were in the biggest room, the screen still isn't that big. Maybe the technique is too good for whatever equipment we have.
I really don't know.
But I didn't like it.

Will I see another 3D film?
Maybe in 10 years...
If it's still around.

Or whenever they get rid of those stupid glasses.

NOW! The movie on the other hand was pretty good.
Alice.. Or, Milla, is the greatest female action hero alive at the moment. Some people like Angelina, I do too, but she's got nothing on this ukrainian super lady.
The storyline wasn't great... Actually it probably had the most boring storyline out of all the R.E movies. But the action was great!
I'm a sucker for nice action sequences, and this movie was packed with 'em.

There's a giant zombie/monster/thing with a hammer/axe in this one... They never explain where the hell he came from, but he's pretty cool.
He reminded me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. And he was probably the most frightening thing in the entire movie.

Seriously, where the hell did this guy come from??

Last comment: Mika Nakashima was in this movie.
I didn't know she was gonna be in it!!
Why didn't anyone tell me??

She's awesome.

And damn, she had some nice shoes.

Lookin' good Mika.... Lookin' good.

She should've worn those cool sparkly shoes to the premiere instead...

I have no idea what those cord things are supposed to be..

Never say no to PANDA!


Of course the funniest commercials on the planet are about Pandas.... Or.. The Panda.. Cheese.


Pandas rule!




I love you dad.
Happy Birthday.

I had a dream...

.... And it was probably the best dream I've ever had. *big eyes*

So, it started with me killing 4 people---

WOWOWOWOWOW! Don't get ahead of me here.
3/4 of them were bad people.
And it was a dream.
It doesn't matter.
Shut up.
Can I continue?

I don't remember who they were.. Except for one of them.
Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
I remember talking to someone about regretting having to shoot him, because he was such a good guy. (Seriously. How could anyone NOT like Fredrik?) But I didn't have a choice, because he was after me.
Yes. Can you see how awesome this dream was already? The prime minister was playing the cat and mouse and guns game with me.

I can see how my brain would make Reinfeldt into that kind of character though. I blame Prison Break.

They must be twins!! SERIOUSLY!

So because I killed 4 people, I waited at home with my family for the police to come and get me.
This is where things get to be a bit hazy.
I went with them, but somehow I got away.
I remember jumping into a black 67' impala (not kidding) and driving like a madman to get away from whichever cop was in charge of catching me.

This is when everything turned into a game.
I found myself driving to this carnival, where I had to run, run, run and hide in order to not get caught. But I did get caught, several times. And when that happened I got to start over again, and choose another route.
I ran to this parking lot, where my car was...

... And then I woke up.


Man... That dream was awesome.

And now I have to get dressed and go to work?

Me and Maria watched three or four episodes of Supernatural last night.

Inside the Actor's Studio with non-actors... RULES!

Instead of thinking about the election, and what horrible things we have to look forward to....

I sat and watched Inside the Actor's Studio for HOURS!

Here's some entertainment for you


I voted... I finished Intertwined.

.... I went to my old junior high school, and voted for the first time ever.
I thought I was going to feel all powerful and special,
but like everything else, it was just... normal and boring.

But I'm actually kind of excited to see who wins.
And THAT is something I've never felt before.

Here's something else I did today:



If you're wondering what that weird background music is... It's from My Boss My Hero,

an amazing J-drama with Nagase Tomoya. (An amazing person)

So, after recommending Intertwined, I also recommend you see that TV-show.


My brother came and visited me and my parents today. So I'm glad Simon was able to entertain Maria for the night. He's usually very good at that. *giggles*

I didn't mean that in an echi kind of way.


Let's change the subject.






I had to wait 2 hours for dinner tonight. But I think it's finally done.


Weird Collection #1



君と観た 退屈な映画も
不思議だね 時が早く過ぎて



Haha, you're the Mad Hatter,

and I'm... Jared Leto!

What happened to that.... "war" or something?

Someone (hehe) reminded me of THE WAR against the movie theater in my town.
And, so here's a little update:

Yeah, like the unnecessary graphic says, we won the fight.

Resident Evil 3D will be playing in our theater next week and onwards.


Now, I'm not 100% sure that it has anything to do with my emails. (Nor do I have a clue if my past struggles have had any effect at all) But I don't really care.

I get to see Resident Evil in 3D without having to drive to Sundsvall.

That makes me happy.


Why have I been so obsessed with this movie, you ask?


I actually don't have an answer to that








Tonight, we're having sushi for dinner. *thumbs up*

A normal conversation on a normal day. (+Eye of the World)

"I'm fat"

"I'm fat"

"You weigh less than me"

"Well.. You're beautiful"

"So are you"

"No. I'm ugly"

"I'm the one who's ugly!"

"Shut up!"

"F*** You"

*fight ensues*


I need to give the quoting thing up.

I uploaded the Robert Jordan video like a week ago. But as you may or may not have noticed. I've been busy/down/retarded/lazy, so that's why I haven't even posted it on facebook. (whaaaaaaaa?!?!)

Anothing reason is that I made it very hastily. Which I'm sorry for.
Next time, I will take it more seriously.

If I have that kind of power over myself.


Right now though, I just want to sleep.

I wish you all a smiley face tonight. (Go NEWS or GTFO)


Inside jokes ftw.

What it's like...

(Daniel) "Hey, Tom, so, I was with my brother yesterday, and we were setting fire to these--"

(Tom) "Oh hi, this is Tom from-"

*turns to Amy*

(Daniel) "So, yeah, Amy, we were setting fire to these newspapers outside of my dad's--"

(Amy) "Oh hi, this is Amy from--"

*turns to Erik*

(Daniel) "Yo! Erik, so, as I was saying, we were setting fire to these--"

(Erik) "Oh hi, this is Erik from--"

(Daniel) "GOD DAMN IT! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION IN THIS PLA--- oh, hi, this is Daniel from--"

I hate facebook

"Oh, no way! You live in Brunflo?"
"Yeah.... You know that!! It says so on my Facebook page."

That wasn't a real quote.
But it's still a real situation. What I mean by that is: people are annoying.


Facebook has always scared me. Not just because it involves giving out A LOT of personal info to strangers. But, the fact that it turns normal human beings like you and me into information maniacs.... a.k.a stalkers.
In today's society it's not normal for people to not know anything about each other.
In fact, the sentence: "You don't know me, but I know everything about you" probably isn't scary anymore.

I changed my personal settings on facebook for the first time ever today.
Somehow it felt like it needed to be done.


Does accepting random friend requests make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
You don't have 300 friends. Stop being a douche.


I hate facebook.

Serious business.

Signed Maxie.

Lots of words, for just one simple question...

I just tried to film a video,
but failed.

Because apparently you need batteries or something like that.



Yesterday was a day of being lazy and fat.
Today is a day of hanging out with your brother.
And tomorrow is Andy's birthday.


That was an honest woopdidoo by the way. I'm never sarcastic when it comes to birthdays... Especially not my own.
Speaking of which, I'm almost 19, peoplez.

This year I'd love to do something special for my birthday.
I always just sit at home and stare at the cake that my parents bought even though they know I hate cakes. (Traditions are traditions) And then I eat the cake, and then I feel sick... And then I go to bed.

Ok, maybe it's a little more intricate than that, but either way, it's not fun without gifts. And 19-year-olds don't get gifts. We just get... older.

When you get to be too old for gifts, you have to find something else to look forward to. Some people get smashed... Other people dress up like hookers and... get smashed.

Me? I go for the more subtle stuff.

Like driving to sundsvall to see Resident Evil in 3D!!!!

How about it Maria? Come on!!!
It'll be fun. You can bring whoever you want. As long as that person has a car... and a license.... Or, well, no.. A car will do.

I'm desperate.


Music war? Shut up.

Now, I can talk for hours about the differences between k-pop and j-pop, and how I feel about the war between the two fandoms....

But instead, I choose to say: Shut your face, I like both.

Today I've had the same three songs on repeat on my Pi-pod.

Clap your hands, Fire
and Follow me. (2NE1 all the way)

I actually do love the tougher k-pop girl groups.

Imagine The Pussycat Dolls actually made good songs.... (it's hard, I know...)
Yeah, that's 2NE1 right there.



Toby Turner references and the end of The Eye of the World.

Something exciting MUST've happened today!

...uhm. Let's see.

No rapists. No ghosts....

Oh dear.



I'll tell you what. I'll write a tiny teeny review on the book that I just finished.

-What, Kaisa? You finished a book? You mean the book?

HAH! I do mean the book, random quizative person that lives inside my mind. *insert wink here*




The Eye of the World is the first book in a looooong series, originally written and thought out by the late James Oliver Rigney jr, also known as Robert Jordan.

The last three books in the series, that Robert never had time to write, will be written by author Brandon Sanderson.. Actually, I think he's already published one of them. The next two will be out this year and the next.


Apparently, I've already read 4 books in this series.

But it must've been a long time ago, cuz I couldn't even remember the plot when I started reading it again.




"The peaceful villagers of Emond's Field pay little heed to rumors of war in the western lands until a savage attack by troll-like minions of the Dark One forces three young men to confront a destiny which has its origins in the time known as The Breaking of the World"




Basically, it's the classic story of young no-name villagers who turn out to be a lot more than they thought.. and get thrown into more trouble than most people could handle.

This is a classic.

In fact, if you like adult fantasy, you've probably already read this series.


I'm just a little bit behind the crowd I guess. (it was published in 1990)


I really don't know what to say, except that it was amazing. I remembered I liked the series the first time around, so I thought it'd be worth it to try reading it again. And so it was.

The magical thing about adult fantasy books like these, are that they're written in such detail. Most of the time I just stared into the book, thinking: how long did it take to plan this story out? (maybe that's why it took me a month to read it...? stay focused Maxie.)


I'll make a video this weekend, talking more about why I loved it so much.


Tonight is the night I start reading Clockwork Angel.

I've waited a long time for this.


Runaway telemarketer? (not a good idea for a movie)

Today was a weird day.
I'm sure my boss would like to know why I stormed out of the office three hours before closing time.




I call hundreds of rude people every day, but for some reason, ONE guy with a bad sense of humour almost made me cry today.
It was like I panicked! I couldn't stay there! *laughs*

My mom thinks it's because of my eating habits as of late.
I don't know.
What do you think?

The only remedy I could think of was to walk home (took me an hour) and take a nap.
I'll make up for the lost time tomorrow.

Right now though, I just want a hot bowl of porridge.

(I drooled a little bit there.)


Oh, and here's my hair:



I'll have to remind myself to write:


on my to-do-list.




Yeah... Cuz then I'll do it.



The war on terror could also mean... the war against boring theater owners... SO THE APPLES TELL ME!

Update of the day!!!... or actually, that would be the last post...
So this is... the update of the day about this day!


Anyway, this sweet guy at work is out buying me dinner right now.
Can you believe that?
Is this even possible?

It's not like he heard I forgot to bring food and charged out the door to save my belly, but he did say: yes, when I asked him if he could pick me up some fruit while he was out.
And that is chivalrous enough for me. (Obviously I'm not picky)

So that's what I'm doing right now. I'm waiting for my fruit.

While I wait, I thought I could update you on the war against the movie theater. (theatre? I dunno. I'm foreign)
There has been no change to the "upcoming movies" list,
so I'm assuming we've all failed.

BUT! (or shall I say: SHIKASHI!...?)
My relentless and stubborn attitude tells me I cannot give up just yet. Therefore I shall send another email to this.. Sven. And in this email I will tell him that he's dumb he should reconsider his decision, seeing as they need other 3D films to play in their new shiny 3D room. Otherwise their money will have been wasted on technology they don't need.
Am I right, am I right?
I'm always right.

I just got my apples.
So I bid you all farewell for now.

*chew, chew, chew*




Oh hai!

It's been a while!... Or has it? I'm unsure. Time is strange now a days. I can't remember what day it is, or what time I need to do certain things.
The only thing I know is when the bus leaves for work.

You know what I found out yesterday?
My salary is already low, but thanks to taxes, I won't get any money at all =P
That's what you get when you're an idiot and turn 18.
You get surprises.

I hate surprises.


But enough of that!
Let's talk about yesterday's.. adventures instead. *smiley face here*

So I got this text message from Maria.
It said: Could you pack your things and get over here? Please? I'm all alone in this big house, and I'm afraid. Please save me from the ghosts that haunt this mansion, oh great lord of the.... ghost ass-kicking. (well, not exactly. But for the story's sake, let's say that's correct)
You see, she believes her house is haunted (she's adorable), so naturally... I needed to protect her from the evil spirits of central Sweden.

I took a shower, packed my things, ran over there and behaved like an idiot for a few hours. (and then you say: haha, when DON'T you behave like an idiot?..... I dare you O.O)
And then, of course, we went to bed.

...And fell asleep.

That's an exciting story right? =)


Oh! I forgot the main part! Silly me.

A rapist climbed through her window, and I had to beat him with a chair for about 15 minutes until he finally died and we could call the police. ^.^

I always forget to tell the important bits.

I'm kidding of course.
I slept like a baby.

She's got silk sheets, that girl.


Let's pretend I ran over there out of the kindness of my own heart. *wink*

Modekungen contest.

I'm in love with a bag?

I guess I am.


The bag that you see down below can be bought right here ----> Modekungen.se

As soon as I saw it, I noticed that gorgeous design on the front. It reminds me of greek art.
It's only available in black, which I don't mind. I usually wear a lot of colors, so having a black bag would be perfect for me, since it goes with anything.

See how it has two types of handles?
I love that look and feel, kinda like the bag can transform according to your own wishes.

It's pretty big, which is awesome as well. I always carry around about half of my belongings, so I need a lot of space. (Plus, my work demands that I carry a lot of papers and folders with me. It's worse than school I tell you)

I didn't know you could fall in love with objects,
but this bag has my eyes morphing into little pink hearts. <3

I want to own this.

Can I own this, please? *puppy dog eyes*



Click this link to get to the bag.


Long live the 90s!!

I just spent three hours watching an old J-drama (from 1996) with my mother. My m.o.t.h.e.r.

My parents are great and all, but they've never been open minded.
And when it comes to my obsession with asian dramas (and animes in the past) they've never been too shy to tell me how strange everything is.

"Why do they talk like that?"

"Do they have to scream all the time?"


But for some reason, mom was very eager to watch this drama.

It was Long Vacation, with Kimura Takuya from SMAP.
He looks so young in this~
It's insane.

Looking back, my mom has done this before.

Once, when I was watching Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. Also with Kimura Takuya.

I'm starting to see the connection here.

Apparently, moms love The Kimura.

Shall we call him the milfing man?

The election FFS.

It's late....
So no pictures today.
Especially not of my hair.
I'm waiting for it to fade a little bit.
Don't want you all going: OMG IT'S NOT BROWN IT'S RED!!!?

...Oh, and in case you're not following any of this,
I dyed my hair yesterday.
Or well, a friend of mine did.
And then I dyed hers.
And then we sat for 3 hours fixing her anniversary present.... (which she should have already given to her boyfriend by now.. if he didn't like it, I'll personally strangle him in his sleep =D)
Just a normal friday night, right?



The election is coming up, so naturally. every morning I wake up and hear people on the TV yelling at each other.
"I'm right, you're wrong!!"
"No, I'm right, and you're wrong!!"

They use other words, but that's pretty much the jist of it, right there.

Politicians benefit from teenagers who don't know anything about politics, simply because they hear one good thing about a certain party and think: "oh, that's nice... I'mma vote for them, cuz I don't feel like researching the other parties... too much work."

That's a direct quote from myself.


...No it's not.

But I will admit, I'm not into the whole.. politics thing. (you can see that just by seeing how I refer to politics as a sort of foreign thing that I don't know enough about to name properly)
Not because I don't care about my country, but because I simply can't find any real opinions within me.
I'm not a student. I'm not exactly amongst workers... I don't have a driver's license.. I'm not sick...
None of the questions that people are fighting for right now is of any direct value to me.

Sometimes I try to learn more about the different parties.
I ask my friends what they think.
I ask my parents.
I try to watch one of those debate shows.... (but I usually give up after about 10 minutes)

The way I see it, we've got three things to choose from:

1) A good life.
2) Another kind of good life.
3) Nazis.

All I have to do is to not pick the nazis right?
I can do that.


To be completely honest, I "sold" my vote yesterday. This really cute friend of mine bought me a cupcake, saying I had to vote for her favourites in the election.
Some say I'm easily bought.. Others say I have the lowest integrity possible..

You've all got it wrong though. This girl can't vote. (shock value)
She's too young.
But she's got the political spark that I don't have. I can see the will to vote in her eyes. It's like a dark blue fire.
So I did what any good person in my situation would have done.
I donated my vote to her.

If that's not an act of incredible kindness, I don't know what is!!


You're not buying it?

Naw, me neither.

I just really love cupcakes.

I may not get as involved in these things like others do,
but at least I know the ground rules.
F the Nazis.

That's good enough, I think.

Here's a random post! And here's a random.....

You know, it's weird.

(so is that intro)

Even though you think you're over someone, that doesn't mean you don't care what that person thinks of you.
Am I right?
So when that person doesn't even look at you when you pass them,
you feel like an ugly toad! An ugly forgotten toad.

See, I'm right Maria. I win.

That was a quick summary of today.


Just kidding of course.


Today wasn't half bad. But I kept thinking about pancakes.
Not in a good way either.
I don't know if you're a fan of pancakes, but I'm not.

When I got on the bus, I suddenly thought I smelled pancakes, so I took a quick look around to see if anyone was eating pancakes on the bus. But of course no one was.
That would be breaking the scary rules of what you can and cannot do on a bus.
(One of those things is: stalling the bus driver for too long. Apparently he has the right to scream at you if you can't find your coins........ *cries inside*)

And then at work, whenever I sold something, I got a picture of pancakes in my mind.

Is this voodoo?

In that case it's pretty worthless (directed to whomever's doing it).
of my bones were broken.

*knocks on wood*




Alright. My job is done.

I gotta go sleep.

*back snaps*





Edgar Allan Poe and Puppy Murder... Dark stuff.

I want to write about two things.
Good News, Bad News...
What should we pick first?

I say: Good.

I heard about a new movie project today. James McTeigue (director of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.) is going to make a movie called The Raven, obviously about Edgar Allan Poe. Apparently he finally found his lead actor, and lo' and behold...
It's my favourite actor, mr. John Cusack.

is the best when it comes to dark but witty movies. He will be a great Poe. (wrote Pie, at first)
Some people argue he hasn't been in a decent movie for 9 years or so,
but I really don't understand why that would mean he wouldn't be great in this one.
I've pretty much seen every movie he's ever been in, and, in my opinion, even when the movie itself is horse shit, he makes it bareable because of his natural charm and talent.
A true star.

Edgar Allan Poe
and John Cusack.
This will be epic.


The next thing, the "bad news", is pretty much just me talking about how I feel about people throwing puppies into rivers.


When I say: "throwing puppies into rivers", the natural response would of course be: "oh my god, that is absolutely horrible."

And yes. It is.


Yet, here is a bosnian girl doing it, while shouting: Wheeeee!


4chan got ahold of this video, and of course started searching the web for whoever did this.

And they may or may not have found her.

Her facebook has been cancelled, apparently, because of the onslaught of harrassing comments on her wall.

I am not a hateful person.

But for this bitch, I feel nothing but murderous rage.


Apparently, even PETA has joined the fight.

PETA and 4chan join teams?

This is dangerous stuff. Watch out, puppy killers.



*hits something*

Awesome references and the art of transforming yourself into a coloring book.

Testing, testing.

Either Blogg.se is having some problems, or I'm going insane.
Is my last update completely screwed up for you as well?

This is annoying.

(Edit: I deleted the post. It was an eyesore)


And now, for something completely different.

..The larch..

.....The... Larch....

If you get that reference, you are already awesome, and you don't need to change yourself anymore. Don't age, don't dye your hair, don't mature... Just, don't!

I am an exception though, because I have finally decided to dye my hair brown on friday. If you have any objections to that, speak now or forever hold your peace.

This morning I got up at 11. Not early, but not super late. Unfortunately, my father gave me his best I-am-very-sick-buhu-voice, and told me to go buy groceries.
So now I'm tired.
And I start work in two hours.

Maybe I should just take a nap and go to work looking like an over worked hooker. Mascara smudged, and all.

Maybe not.

This is me typing.
This is me breathing.
This is me wanting to put on my pajamas and sleep til tomorrow.
This is me... "blonde".

(Essentially, I am a brunett though, aren't I?)

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