Youtube stuff.

I think of this as the start of something new.

It might not be apparent at the moment, but things will change on my channel. For the better, I hope.



Oh, and why youtube won't let the video fill the entire screen this time... I have no idea.

Youtube does have this habit of annoying people, doesn't it?


We decorated the real tree today, but all I'm gonna give you is the plastic mini version.


Today... I bought tons of candy. And not even for myself.

Why is candy so expensive?


It took me 2 days to upload these book tour videos, so I really hope it was worth it.

I've said this before, but whenever I try to upload something onto youtube, our internet connection crashes... Completely.

So, I'm not exactly popular over here.






I must master the art of getting up in the morning.

Yes, I was bored today. Like, more than usual. *laughs*
Tomorrow I will force myself out the door. Although, first I'll have to force myself out of bed at a decent hour.
Does anyone have any good ways of doing that?

I tried putting my alarm clock on the floor by the door this morning.
....But I just fell asleep on the floor again. =/

I am unbeatable when tired.




Oh, I know. Late post. But it's November, people =o My head is a mess.





Purple indeed.


Really, I needed an excuse to wear those lenses. I bought 'em, promising myself that they'd come to good use. But of course, I ended up putting them on a shelf somewhere, unused. Waste of space. Waste of money.

Welcome to the world of Maxie and her sporadic-spending-disorder.


Let's hope my NaNoWriMo gizmo is working. It should be somewhere over there ---->


Never say no to PANDA!


Of course the funniest commercials on the planet are about Pandas.... Or.. The Panda.. Cheese.


Pandas rule!



Inside the Actor's Studio with non-actors... RULES!

Instead of thinking about the election, and what horrible things we have to look forward to....

I sat and watched Inside the Actor's Studio for HOURS!

Here's some entertainment for you


A normal conversation on a normal day. (+Eye of the World)

"I'm fat"

"I'm fat"

"You weigh less than me"

"Well.. You're beautiful"

"So are you"

"No. I'm ugly"

"I'm the one who's ugly!"

"Shut up!"

"F*** You"

*fight ensues*


I need to give the quoting thing up.

I uploaded the Robert Jordan video like a week ago. But as you may or may not have noticed. I've been busy/down/retarded/lazy, so that's why I haven't even posted it on facebook. (whaaaaaaaa?!?!)

Anothing reason is that I made it very hastily. Which I'm sorry for.
Next time, I will take it more seriously.

If I have that kind of power over myself.


Right now though, I just want to sleep.

I wish you all a smiley face tonight. (Go NEWS or GTFO)


Inside jokes ftw.

Tech savvy = *giggles*

OMGGGG!! (nice intro)

I don't have a lot of time, because I have sick people to take care of!
(No, I don't have a new job. My parents are just dying.... of colds)

But this guy made me laugh a lot today!!:

Seriously.. laughing-my-ass-off.

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