In which I'm not being serious.

I'm leaving for Harry Potter in just a few minutes, and what does my mother tell me? She tells me she threw out my Harry Potter scarf, because she remembered me telling her I didn't want it anymore.
"You said it was too short."

Too short?
I sat for weeks, MONTHS ever, knitting that stupid scarf. I think I was pretty damn pleased with the length, thank you very much.

What do I do now?

Can I really go see Harry Potter without my scarf?
What will people say? What will they think?
"Look, she hasn't got a scarf. What a twat."

It's still Ryo's birthday, right? Yeah. I have a few minutes left...



Let's celebrate this man's 25th birthday with a toast. An internet toast.

*does toast*


Man, the interwebs sure makes things easy.


Ryo, you've gotten a lot of crap for being a douche and hitting on women in various inappropriate ways.

But hey, man, I'm on your side.

If I worked as hard as you do, I'm sure I'd be just as sexually frustrated and douchey as you are.


Frankly, I don't care if you're an asshole or not. As long as I get to listen to your raspy voice and look at your half naked pictures.




What did I say?


Sleepless... WHAT THE BUCK!

Ok. Let me tell the story of why I went to bed at 6 am last night.

Around 1 am I was doing my last rounds, ("rounds", like I'm a nurse)
checking the blog, twitter, facebook, all those stupid sites where nothing interesting ever happens ANYWAY. (pent-up anger?)
And then I checked youtube, and saw that Michael Buckley had uploaded a new vlog.
I couldn't NOT watch it. And to my surprise it was just him saying: I'm live tonight on Blog TV! Come watch me. It's on at 10 pm EST.

I said: Yes! I've never seen Michael Buckley live!

If you don't know who Michael Buckley is, check the WhatTheBuckShow on Youtube, and also his personal vlog-channel peron75. He is the funniest, greatest, loveliest, kindest, most fabulous man alive.
I love him to death. (Which is the creepiest thing a person can say. Why is that an accepted phrase?)

But then I realised that I don't live in America. So 10 pm EST for me would be... 4 am.
That meant I'd have to wait 3 hours, and then stick around for an hour longer.... So technically, I wouldn't be in bed before 6 am. (Add an hour for being silly in the bathroom. Music and toothpaste: It takes time)

But thankfully, the Michael Buckley community is wonderful. I don't regret screwing up my sleeping patterns.
It's really an awesome experience. You comment, you laugh, you watch Buck being funny, you laugh again, you make friends, you win an autograph (I wish) and then you go to bed happy.

I think that feeling of being connected with so many people is why I often get involved with fandoms.

(----When I love something, I turn into Sherlock-frickin-Holmes or something... Or no. That was a terrible analogy.
I don't know much about much. But the things I do know.. I know better than anyone.
Does that make sense...?---)

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of people know what I'm talking about. Why do you go to concerts?
Is it just to see the band/artist live? Or is it also to feel that connection with thousands and thousands of strangers?


Have a great evening everyone.


Slight commentary on what is japanese and what is not.

God, I can't sleep again.
This is turning into a problem.

Thank you Spilledmilk25 for posting the lyrics to Yamapi's new single, One in a million.
But when I read them, I started laughing.
Not because I don't like the song.
But because I couldn't decide what language this song is in.


Itsukara kimi no kisu wa naozari? 
Ima mo why don't you touch my mind sugu ni
tell me why you don't see my eyes,
baby are we over?

Aishiau tame ni iru ability
Kore ijou wa mou nai hodo affinity
baby do you have another one?
they might conspire.

coz you're my one in a million
Sono mama de believe me
Kimi ga One in a million
Deaeta toki ni
baby it's my destiny

I'm gonna try."3,2,1" so count down
waratte yo boku no mae de one more time
one in a million
my one in a million

Kakuritsu wa by the 6th sense = 2%
Kimi wo ushinau koto end of the world
I wanna know that reason why
don't change your mind now

Maniau nara I wanna hold ya
Kuruisouna kurai so lonely soldier
baby I love you
from the bottom of heart
I miss ya

coz you're my one in a million
Dakara never say goodbye
Kimi ga One in a million
Dakiau tabi ni baby it's my destiny
I'm gonna try."3,2,1" so count down
I'm gonna hunt you down come day or night
one in a million
my one in a million

Unmei to omoi wa jikou wo koete
eien no saiai wo mata michibiku kara
be my one in a million
Kimi shika inai kara carry on
coz you're my one in a million

Sono mama de believe me
Kimi ga One in a million
Deaeta toki ni
baby it's my destiny
I'm gonna try."3,2,1" so count down
I'm gonna hunt you down come day or night
one in a million
my one in a million


Why even bother putting in the japanese? That's how I feel.
When writing this song, they must've thrown away all logic, because I can't make it make sense, no matter how I twist and turn it.

English is a beautiful language, and I know for a fact that Pi-chan is trying really hard to improve his english.
But this has gone too far.
I liked it when they would throw in random english words here and there, because that's normal. Everyone does that! No matter where they come from. But when it's the other way around, and you're throwing in japanese words here and there (as a japanese person) you have to realise that you're being ridiculous.
I say: Sing the song in english, or sing the song in japanese. (a bit of engrish is always ok, of course)

Anyway. I'm making this out to be a big deal.
It's not.

Go listen to the song. Let's support his solo career. I don't care that you think he should focus on NEWS activities. He's a grown man and he wants to do his own thing. Now shut your mouth and go buy the single.

That was harsh, M.

I know.


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