I voted... I finished Intertwined.

.... I went to my old junior high school, and voted for the first time ever.
I thought I was going to feel all powerful and special,
but like everything else, it was just... normal and boring.

But I'm actually kind of excited to see who wins.
And THAT is something I've never felt before.

Here's something else I did today:



If you're wondering what that weird background music is... It's from My Boss My Hero,

an amazing J-drama with Nagase Tomoya. (An amazing person)

So, after recommending Intertwined, I also recommend you see that TV-show.


My brother came and visited me and my parents today. So I'm glad Simon was able to entertain Maria for the night. He's usually very good at that. *giggles*

I didn't mean that in an echi kind of way.


Let's change the subject.






I had to wait 2 hours for dinner tonight. But I think it's finally done.



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