The Maxster is BACK!

WOW! Here's an example of airbrushing gone wrong!:


There are few things I hate more than over-airbrushed pictures of people that are genuinely hot. I mean, wow... That picture will haunt my dreams for years


I remember when I saw a photo of Yamapi, where they'd taken away his bellybutton. His BELLYBUTTON!!

What the fruggles is wrong with people?


And the fact that they always edit out his eye freckle (see: choroidal nevus) is heartbreaking.


Let's let people be beautiful! Flaws and all. I know I appreciate Pi-chan's flaws more than I appreciate that horrid picture of MatsuJun above. Oh yeah, that IS MatsuJun. Not an alien.


Jesus Macarena.




Anywayz, here I am. Back to the future interwebs. And what do I see? Leslie Nielsen is dead?

For you Leslie, I shall crank up the volume on my speakers and ponder life and The Naked Gun.


But first, I shall make lunch.

Because I'm hungry.


Here's my wishlist, Magyx family:


Late night nothings from a woman going bald.

I'm only writing this because I'm trying to stay awake. I might not even post this... If you're reading this, I've probably posted it. No, actually.. I definitely have.

So, first of all. A friend of mine is in the hospital. NO! She is not dying. But that doesn't mean that we can't pity her. So here you go Maria:

That is me feeling sorry for you. . . I think. Finding a smiley that stands for pity is hard, man.

Hospitals suck. I don't understand why the kids get fun and colorful wallpapers and toys galore, whilst adults have to deal with white (sometimes pale green) walls and a book from home. Even visitors are bored by the mere sight of hospitals. Even the people who work there probably yawn at the thought of their own profession.

No, I take that back. Digging around in people's intestines probably isn't that boring.
I mean... saving lives...


... Why can't I make sentences without insulting people?

Moving on.

I need to go to the doctor myself pretty soon. I've got issues with my dead skin cells (ergo: my hair. I need to stop being so retarded), and today I reached my limit. If I don't get help soon, I'll break down completely.
You don't mess with a girl and her hair, universe!

Why are we all so sick and unhealthy all the time?

I'm tired.

In which I don't even mention the pictures.






I saw a movie today called Boy A.


It's about a guy who made a mistake when he was younger and got involved in the murder of a little girl. Because of that he got sent to jail for a very long time.


When he gets released, he's able to start over. He's given a new name, a new job, a new place to live, and no one knows who he is or what he's done.

But when he falls in love he feels like he has to share his secret, or else he'll be living a lie.


It was an eye opener, if anything. I really enjoyed it, and once again I feel like I know nothing of the world. *laughs* That's when you know a movie is good, when it makes you feel puny and unknowing.


People keep hatred within themselves for a really long time, and because of that they're blinded against reality and right vs. wrong. I mean, people make mistakes, and suddenly they're not worth as much as everyone else? That doesn't make sense, seeing as everyone makes mistakes.


Anyway, if you want to see a good movie, check out Boy A.

The main character is played by the same bloke who plays Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movies.

Just so you know.

He's pretty damn good.


Toby will always be my favourite though. Sorry Andrew.



:: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 ::





I shit you not, I almost attacked someone today.

Now, because I'm a typical swede, I didn't have the guts to turn around and say: SHUT THE FUDGE UP YOU WANKERS! (well, we were watching Harry Potter, non?)

Instead I tried my glare of death, telepathically sending them a message that said: I will kill you in your sleep.

But apparently, they took it as: Please, keep on talking. I find your uneducated and pitiful views on this film entertaining.

Must've been some kind of translation error.


The movie in itself was, as I said in the video, good. I really liked it. My friend seemed to think that it was a bit too long, and though I agree with her to some degree, I didn't exactly mind that it wasn't shorter.

I mean, the Harry Potter films are always visually stunning, therefore even if the plot is kind of dragging itself along for a bit, you've still got amazing effects to look at.

No, I didn't love the last HP book, but that doesn't mean that I didn't like it. I did. The Harry Potter books will always be my absolute favourites, no matter what I read in the future, because of its sentimental value and because of how ingenious the entire product is.


Money well spent!

I'm really excited for the next and final movie. (although, it's... sad isn't it?)




Thank the Gods the movie was good, because before it started I was already doubting the future of mankind.. what with the morons next to me driving me absolutely mental, and the trailer for Red Riding Hood playing in front of me like a premonition of doom.


In which I'm not being serious.

I'm leaving for Harry Potter in just a few minutes, and what does my mother tell me? She tells me she threw out my Harry Potter scarf, because she remembered me telling her I didn't want it anymore.
"You said it was too short."

Too short?
I sat for weeks, MONTHS ever, knitting that stupid scarf. I think I was pretty damn pleased with the length, thank you very much.

What do I do now?

Can I really go see Harry Potter without my scarf?
What will people say? What will they think?
"Look, she hasn't got a scarf. What a twat."

Disney ist besser. Smut or no smut.

I'm kind of a bums-people-out kind of person now a days. And not because of other people's misery, but because of my own, which makes it annoying and therefore uninteresting. To myself and others.

Something I could talk about today is my sudden re-appreciation of old Disney flicks.
Of course, when I say "old", I mean pre-2000's. I watched The Little Mermaid the other day, and then I watched Mulan, which has to be one of the best movies ever.
One thing that kind of disappointed me, as an adult watching movies I liked as a kid, was how short they are. They never have time to truly develop any kind of emotional bond between the characters, because they barely have time to fit a plot into their timeline.
Mulan is great either way, but The Little Mermaid definitely came up short. How am I supposed to root for that couple? o.o It's so superficial it makes me cringe.

Movies aren't supposed to show the reality of most relationships, especially not Disney movies!
Disney makes fairytales! Fairytales exist to make us feel good about ourselves, by smushing in (I make up words cuz I'm awesome) friendly messages, like: love is about what's on the inside, not about how pretty you and your voice are.

I did say that Mulan is awesome, right? But when I said that I didn't mean the live action movie from 2009, called Hua Mulan. That movies sucks. Stay clear!

By looking at the cover of the DVD you may think it looks interesting. But then you watch it.. and it sucks.
That was my short-short review of Hua Mulan.


I must master the art of getting up in the morning.

Yes, I was bored today. Like, more than usual. *laughs*
Tomorrow I will force myself out the door. Although, first I'll have to force myself out of bed at a decent hour.
Does anyone have any good ways of doing that?

I tried putting my alarm clock on the floor by the door this morning.
....But I just fell asleep on the floor again. =/

I am unbeatable when tired.


I don't really have a subject in mind right now, but I really feel like writing.. mostly because that gives me a reason not to do other things. (ahhh.. school nostalgia)

I finished my book yesterday, which means that I'll be reading The Way of Shadows tonight, which is  a book about assassins. The main character is probably going to be really cool, and I'll end up wanting to play Assassin's Creed again, so I'll break into my brother's apartment, demanding that he lends me his PS3.

Really, cool characters are bad for us. Do we really need more reasons to not like ourselves? We should be asking for characters like.. Steve Urkel. He was nerdy, annoying and fugly. When watching him, we thought to ourselves: At least I'm not Steve Urkel. But when playing Assassin's Creed, we think: Why do I even exist if I don't get to be as cool as Altair?

Some people try to be cooler, and end up jumping off buildings because they think they can fly.. because they're stupid.

I would like to think that there's an Altair in all of us. But it's hard to imagine when you see people like that crazy girl on youtube who can't sing I will always love you. How many layers do you have to peel off to find Altair in her?

I'm rambling. I figured this would happen.

Probably shouldn't post this.
But I probably will anyway.

Yesterday I made meatsauce pie. It was delicious, but I think it would've been better if I put some taco spices in it. Remember that the next time you make meatsauce pie; tacos tacos tacos.


MaxieMagyx and Charlie St. Cloud.


I haven't been updating this blog that much lately. So sorry.


Although, to be fair, I've already done three videos for my personal channel, and that must count for something.

Yes, MaxieMagyx the youtube channel is up and running. It's been fun so far, but I'm looking forward to learning more and becoming a better vlogger.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed just because I said so. That's true dedication... or charity. Either way, thank you so much x'D


I saw a movie called Charlie St. Cloud yesterday, so I thought I could give you a mini review right here.




First of all, it's not at all what you think it is.

At least if you're unfamiliar with the book. Like I am.

If you've seen the trailer, you know that it's about a boy, Charlie, who loses his little brother and starts seeing him as a ghost (a.k.a: turns mental). He then meets a girl who used to be in his class, and falls for her. She's planning on traveling the world, he once had similar plans and would love to come with her... but he's stuck in his hometown because he can't leave his brother.


So in our minds we figured this movie would go a little bit like this ---> girl teaches him that it's ok to move on, the love between them flourishes, the little brother feels hurt, but finally Charlie says goodbye and tells his little brother to go towards the light, so that he can travel the world with his girlfriend.




But somewhere in the middle, the movie slaps us right across the face and changes the direction of the plot completely! If you've seen Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, you kind of know what kind of douchebaggery I'm talking about. (in that movie the twist was at the very end though, which is even worse)


With this movie though, I'm not sure whether or not it worked.


I mean, it wasn't half bad, and maybe if it had ended the way I had predicted, it wouldn't have made an impression on me at all.

It was a bit religious. But at least it didn't make me cringe, like Seventh Heaven. It wasn't forcing it on you. It was just the theme of the movie. A movie about someone's little brother dying kind of has to be religious, or it turns into a Steven Seagal movie.


I don't care if you like or dislike Zac Efron. He's a good actor, and it shows in this movie. The actor who plays the little brother should probably take a few acting lessons though. (I'm not gonna be mean, he's a little kid after all. But then again, so is Dakota Fanning)


Would I recommend it? Sure. But don't expect a master piece... And don't watch the trailer!! It will just make you excited for a movie that doesn't exist.




Maybe I should read the book. It's called The Death and Life of Charlie st. Cloud.

Sure, I already know how it's going to end, but things always make more sense in books because they have more time explaining them.



Today, I wrote my 1700 words, and then... I have no idea what happened, but I suddenly couldn't write a single sentence over the goal minimum. I was so bored by my own story, even after throwing in all that action!
It's like I'm writing the climax, and I'm only 19000 words into the story. I can't quit here! What kind of novel only has 19000 words??

Get a grip. Get a grip. Get a grip!

God, I want Christmas.

I also want a job.

Well, that's abusing my wishes. What I meant to say was: I want money. Reality tells me that I cannot get it without working, though.. So there goes that wish.

No, actually, I do want a job. Do you know how depressing it is sitting in your bedroom writing something that you know won't ever get published, without anything else to do? It's like your life is completely without purpose.

And yet, whenever someone tells me to go get a job at McDonalds, I cringe.
That should tell you something about how much I want you to disappear, McDonalds. You're ruining the world with your existence.


I'm gonna change the subject and tell you something fun.
I made a chicken pie yesterday =) And t'was delicious. So if you guys want to try it, go search for a recipe online. Because I've lost mine.
I'm serious. I had it, then I lost it.
Maybe the dog ate it, mistaking it for the actual pie.
Firsov, you naughty puppy.



Looks a lot less delicious than it was.

You're just gonna have to trust me.


Eureka! I can cook! I can cook!


Short note on suckiness and how to get in its face and say: "Move over, bitch."

As I'm writing this, I see that it's already 03.37 in the morning.
I've actually started NaNo-ing again. So of course, that explains why I'm not asleep right now.

Here's how I solved my problem (for those of you who actually care).
I threw in a sudden hostage situation, and added some guns and danger.

Did it fit into the story? ... Probably not.

But since it made my writing experience less sucky, I approve of this sudden urge for violence.

Goodnight for now.

Yours truly,
The Bad Writer From Schweeden.

Can you believe people actually ate that thing? (talking about the cake)





I haven't written a single word today.

I'm starting to hate my story, and that kind of slows down my creativity.

What can I do to twist it around and make it interesting again?

Maybe I should just throw in some pirates.

Pirates are always fun.




Live long and prosper.



Stuff, things!.. and Derma Seta?

30 days and 30 nights of literary abandon... for sure!

I have written 30% of my novel. That's 15000 words. Now, the longest story I've ever written was about 15-16000 words long, which means that I will soon pass my record.
How I've managed to keep writing is a mystery. I've never been a fast writer, and I've never had any self control. But I guess being in the situation I am has helped a lot.

My course in crime scene archeology (Yes.. I just said that) starts tomorrow. And I'm starting to think maybe I should skip it. I just feel like maybe I should be concentrating on getting a job and finishing my novel rather then taking a course in something completely random and time consuming?
I don't know, though. I haven't decided yet.


Here's a review of the Infomercial toy called Derma Seta. (Yes.. I just said that)


I got one for my birthday. At first, I thought it was a joke. But apparently my mom had been curious as to whether or not it actually works.


It does.

I'm serious.


But it's not exactly the best hair removal product out there. Actually, in order to get smooth, smooth legs (like you want, and like they promise you'll get) you'll have to sandpaper your legs til' they're bright red.

It hurts.


At least I didn't get sores, like this other person I know did.


Maybe I'll use it as a leg smoothener instead. Because your skin does get a lot softer.

I haven't tried all functions yet.

Next time, I'll try the lotion thing.



I don't know what to name this. Just... use your imagination.

My father has this weird way of smiling at me whenever he peaks in to say goodnight.
It's like he thinks we share some kind of inside joke about something, but truthfully, I have no idea what that could be.


Anyway, since the last time I wrote, a lot of stuff has happened.
Well, actually, not really. But I did turn 19.

I'm not going to spend 30 minutes describing the anniversary of my birth, because in all honesty: it sucked.
But I will share a particular story that had me confused.

You see, my grandmother told me to buy her some stuff to make a cake. I said ok, because I was headed to the store anyway. When I got to her, though, she said that I should take the stuff with me and make the cake myself. I don't remember her reason for saying this, something about not having everything she needed. So I took it with me, and made the cake myself.

Now, the situation is already weird. Because I don't like cake. I didn't want cake. I hadn't planned on making cake. The person who wanted the cake to begin with didn't even get to eat the damn cake.. And it was my birthday for crying out loud!

But here's the recipe:

Warm up some marshmallows to make the first layer. Then pour on lots of toffee sauce on that same layer.
For the second layer - use strawberry jam.
The top should be covered with whipped chream, more toffee sauce and some extra non-heated marshmallows. (Just to make it extra deadly)

There you have it. The laziest cake ever made.

Then I sat down, ate some of it, felt sick, read a book and wallowed in my solace til' mom and dad returned from their sunny vacation.

Happy friggin birthday to me.

To be fair, I'm old now.
I didn't expect much.


No, but seriously...

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.
And thanks to everyone who were kind and generous and awesome enough to give me gifts, even though I'm old. I love you all very, very, very much.

Now, I should really get back to writing.
This one kid has written 17000 words in 6 days.
(Some people are already done. Double Jesus.)

It's still Ryo's birthday, right? Yeah. I have a few minutes left...



Let's celebrate this man's 25th birthday with a toast. An internet toast.

*does toast*


Man, the interwebs sure makes things easy.


Ryo, you've gotten a lot of crap for being a douche and hitting on women in various inappropriate ways.

But hey, man, I'm on your side.

If I worked as hard as you do, I'm sure I'd be just as sexually frustrated and douchey as you are.


Frankly, I don't care if you're an asshole or not. As long as I get to listen to your raspy voice and look at your half naked pictures.




What did I say?


Stuff, and some things.. And I cut my hair.

Today was .. well, I won't say "eventful". Sounds dumb. How about "fun"?

I met up with people I haven't seen in a long time. We talked about how we'd already failed at life, not even 6 months into the game. Then we talked about how well everyone else's lives seemed to be going. Then we moaned about how miserable we felt.

Add a good movie and a puppy, and you've just about summed up my entire day.

Except, I got up at eight to go get my hair cut. Gosh, that felt nice.
I wonder how people with dreads feel when they cut 'em all off. That must feel like paradise blowing magic air on your head constantly. At least during the summer. During the winter, I just don't know. Maybe the opposite.

What bothered me about my hair cutting session was this, though: She cut it dry.
You know what I mean?

When a hair dresser tells you she's not going to wash your hair, because it's already clean, you know you're not getting a real hair cut. She's just going to trim the style you already have.
And if I'm just getting a shorter version of what I had before, why bother?
I could've cut it myself, dang it.

Although, I do love how she skillfully erased all my split ends.
I feel free.
I feel healthy.
I feel like I need to dye my hair.

Maria? You there?
Wanna help?

Now, let's talk about NaNoWriMo.

I spent many, many hours writing something I could barely read yesterday. And then I told myself: DON'T EDIT IT! And then I edited it.
I'm not made for this competition, that's for sure.
But I want to win. That's why I signed up for it without thinking it through first.

Want to know what my story is about? Maybe I'll tell you........ when I know the answer.




Oh, I know. Late post. But it's November, people =o My head is a mess.





Purple indeed.


Really, I needed an excuse to wear those lenses. I bought 'em, promising myself that they'd come to good use. But of course, I ended up putting them on a shelf somewhere, unused. Waste of space. Waste of money.

Welcome to the world of Maxie and her sporadic-spending-disorder.


Let's hope my NaNoWriMo gizmo is working. It should be somewhere over there ---->


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