NaNoWriMo starts in 35 minutes!

"Neon Woman". In stores nowhere near you, never.

I was bored, (all the best stories start with "I was bored", unfortunately, this is not one of them.)
so I started playing around with my camera.
Now, when girls play around with their cameras, they pretty much only take pictures of themselves.
Maybe you can find one or two photos of a plant or.. a lamp. But 99% of it will most likely be self portraits.

So, to rephrase that.. I was taking pictures of myself, and I took this one photo that really made me think of Ke$ha. You know.. that girl who autotunes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g?

Doesn't this look like a typical CD cover?


Wouldn't you buy that? Cuz I sure wouldn't.


Oh man.


Maria. See what you left me with?

I need to get a hobby.

Short story.

I just realized that I have Sudden Death, with Van Damme, which made me happy enough to go:

"Woo! Wooo! WOOOO!"

And now I can't stop laughing, because of how retarded that was.

I hate calling it a book haul.. but I guess that's what it is.

I'm trying to find some awesome Christmas Gifts.
Yes. It's gut to bee eurrly~

What sites do you usually browse around on? I love sites like.. and Most of the people I know are at least a little bit nerdy anyway, so it works.
But knowing what to buy is friggin hard.
Would my dad like a mug that says Suck It Up? You never know.

(Disclaimer: I wasn't being serious. Don't buy mugs to people on Christmas.)

Speaking of buying things,
I thought I'd share some of the books I bought for this month.



Book Number ONE!


I've been wanting to read this for a while. It's a modern version of Beauty and the Beast.

As mentioned, the movie premieres in 2011, with Alex Pettyfer as the Beast, and Vannessa Hudgens as the Beauty. (Ugh.)

I want to read the book before I see the movie.

This will either 1) make the movie look like shit, or 2) make me appreciate the movie a bit more.



Book number TWO!


Yes, indeed, people love reading about lovers who aren't allowed to be together. This book is about a student who falls in love with her teacher. Although, I'm pretty sure the teacher doesn't feel the same, so it won't end like I'd want it to end. But read it, I will.

I used to have a crush on one of my teachers. Looking back at it now, I feel creeped out.



Book number THREE!

This book is about artists and mental illness, and how one of them sometimes causes the other. The main character's mother is apparently ill, and when she starts noticing symptoms herself, she runs away from the world of art, thinking it will save her.

This one looks good.




Those were only three of the seven books I ordered. Maybe I'll tell you about the other four some other time.

Right now though.. I have to go do some stuff.

Cuz, guess what?


I'm home alone.


If this were a movie, I'd be planning a party by now.


JCVD - Nowhere to Run #Commentary.

I'm currently watching Nowhere to Run, with Jean-Claude Van Damme.
It just started.
I haven't seen this one before.

The first thing I have to say is: pervert alert!
What kind of hero walks up to some stranger's house and watches them take a shower? And then breaks in?
He stole something, I'm sure.
10 minutes in and I'm already not liking his character. (although I'm sure he'll save the day and everyone'll love him in the end... no one will know he's a friggin perv)

Apparently he was sent to jail for something he didn't do.
I'm thinking he should've been sent to jail for something else.
Like... perviness.

(10 minutes later)

He's going back to the house!!
What is wrong with this guy? He just randomly walked by, and now he's obsessed with this decent looking stranger.
And he broke in again?
Oh.. my god.
Is this a horror film? Is he going to slaughter the family?
He's a horrible stalker. Keeps on knocking everything over. And the son thinks he's E.T. (which makes me laugh, cuz it's the kid from Signs.)

"You like boobs?"


F**king Shakespeare-stuff, this.


Oh, now he's naked.

I see a muscled butt.
And the little sister saw the other side.

Wow. People should stay away from this guy.


Here we go. I sense the first fight scene is about to start.
And yes. I was right. Who's the better fighter? Jean-Claude or ... Jet Li?
I say mr. Muscles from Brussels.
Although, he's not great here. No martial arts? WHAT THE HECK, people who made this movie!!?
I want high kicks and unnecessary jumps!!


"Who ARE you?"

"I'm the guy who peeps at you when you shower."

Ok, he didn't say that. He should've. Now she likes him. Foolish woman.


Shower scene. She's seen his schlong. Now she's screwed. No going back now.

And now they're talking about his genitals at the dinner table.
If my daughter said: "He's got a big penis", I would've been a little bit alarmed. Like, why has my daughter seen his penis? But this lady seems to be cool with it.

How come Jean-Claude was naked so much in all his movies?

Was that a part of his contract?

...I don't mind, I'm just sayin'.

(15 minutes later)

Ok, so he just saved the neighbours' lives, and is walking through the fire to get back to the weirdo family. I love how they look at him, like: wooooow! OoO

I wonder if the director told them to treat him like a God.
"Talk about his genitals and muscles in a generous way.. and uhm.. when you look at him, make sure to look like you're in awe.. Drooling is ok. But don't touch him. Not yet."
We all know he's not a dick though. Cuz we've seen JCVD, the movie.
Oscar worthy, if you ask me.

I hate how families in movies always have videos of everything, and how f-ing perfect they try to make it look.
They're skipping through a green park, holding hands, laughing at some joke about cheese. Maybe a dog comes along, and the kid is like: Dad, can we keep him?
Of course! Cuz this is the picture perfect life we used to have before everything turned to shit, son!


"Strike three! You're out!"
Cuz he hit him with a wooden stick.


Mookie? The son is called Mookie?


(I love when men speak french. Which is completely random, because he doesn't even speak french in this film. Btw, don't you just love that his parents in Universal Soldier don't have an accent? Like, we could hire actors with french accents... but... nah. Too much work. Brilliant)

Right, so, the movie's almost over.
---Woah, he just jumped from the ground up on his bike in slow motion. Wtf was that?
One bad guy down, two to go. Too bad they're all old and boring.
Where's the challenge, man?
"I saved you from these old guys with beer guts. Aren't I amazing?"
Times like these, I miss Dolph.

Oh, the old guy hurt the kid. Now he's going down.

And down he went.

"Au revoir... F**ker"

He actually said that.



The End.



Long live 90's action movies!

Nothing will stop me from boring people!

I know that the International-Feel-Sorry-For-Yourself Day isn't until May 12th next year,
but I don't even care.
I don't even c-a-r-e.

-----------------I'm bored-----------------

I've been watching old CuteWithChris videos all day, awww-ing over adorable cat photos and missing Chris so much I called someone a bimbo. (doesn't make sense)

Why aren't I at work? You ask?
Well, that's a good question.
And I choose not to answer it.
Just like you chose to be nosy.


I mentioned Halloween earlier, did I not?

I did.

My birthday is on the fourth of November. T'will be a sad day, filled with.. nothing.

Just like Halloween.

Just like my life.


*dramatic music*

*dramatic swoop of hands over face*


I really need to get some air. This is getting ridiculous. Later on, I will tell you what I bought yesterday. Not because it's something you need to know. But because it will give me something to do other than stare at kitties and movie reviews from last year.


And, Maria.

You, me, November 19th, Harry Potter premiere. F**k yeah.

(--this is just as binding as a contract--)


Peace off.

I edited this post for a reason.









....I need sleep.....

Scary Movies Rant #Halloween

Dude(tte)s, let's talk Scary Movies. Because, I don't know if you've noticed, but this is the last week of October! Which means.... ?
. This weekend. Great. Awesome.


Except no.

I'll be all alone this Halloween.

I feel like one of those whiny biyotches in romantic comedies who spend Valentine's Day alone, and cry about it.
I won't cry though. Cuz you just don't do that on Halloween.
Little pumpkin boy won't allow it.



Yeah. Him. I believe his name is Sam. --(which makes me think of my story. Because the mc's little brother's name is Sam, so I've been writing it over and over again. It's a good name. I love that name. Sam. Sammy. If I ever do join society and give birth to a baby boy, I want him to have a name like that. Sam.)--


Who watched Trick 'r Treat and got scared of Sam? I'm guessing----- no one!

Sam is adorable! I squealed like a little fangirl every time I saw him and his cute little pajamas.

I want pajamas like those btw. With the little opening over the derrière.

Cute overload.




Anyway, back to what I was gonna say---->

I've been googling (oogley boogley) "best scary movies for Halloween", trying to find a horror film that I haven't seen yet.

Now, when you google something like that, you always get about 1000 hits that say: 50 scariest movies!!.... 10 movie tips for Halloween!!... something like that.

The problem is, none of these lists are accurate, because of the douchiness of most movie experts.


You see, movie experts aren't allowed to like new and purrdy movies. They have to list the oldest, most outdated movies they can find, so that they're considered cool and smart and... "sophisticated".


Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not being mean to all old movies. The Exorcist is pretty nasty. (although not scary)

But when you start listing movies like IT and The Poltergeist, you're just being a conformative jerk.

Everyone mentions The Poltergeist when talking about scary movies, because it's supposed to be this cult/classic/awesome film. But how many from my generation have actually seen it? Probably not that many.

I saw it. I passed out, it was so ridiculously boring.


When I google scary movies, I want to read about movies that are actually scary. I want to be scared shitless. Ok? IT isn't scary. Floating balloons aren't scary. Badly made CGI spiders aren't scary.


Maybe these movies were scary when they first came out. But this is 2010. And lists from 2010 that promise to give you ideas for Halloween, shouldn't be exact copies of lists written in 1988!


Am I right, people?

I know I am.




I like Catcher in the Rye, so I'm gonna stop you right now, and say: --Not all people who say they like some classic books or movies are lying a-holes... But a lot of them are--


If you wanna make sure, ask the following question: "Oh rly? Why do you like it so much?"

If they answer: "because.. well.. it's a classic!" Then you know you're talking to a phony. (Holden reference? Whaddup!)


"Just because an idea is overly convoluted and complex doesn't make it cool"

If you want to know what South Park thinks of Inception (and, yes... yes you do),
then click here ------>

I laughed so hard my parents woke up.
Sorry parents.
But t'was funny.

"Why do we need a football player???!!"
"Sometimes thoughts of my dead wife manifests themselves as trains!!!"


"Will they be able to wake Mackey up?"
"If they don't, it will be the end of Europe as we know it."



Oh South Park, sometimes you do manage to entertain me.

Young Swedes join NaNo.

This video warms my heart.

If you understand Swedish, you should watch this, and smile.


I love hearing what younger kids write about. Like: "His name is Tom, and he loves football. And he has a sister.. and her name is Sara. And she also loves football... and... and.. and..."

If I got to join NaNoWriMo as a kid, I'm pretty sure I would be better and finishing my stories.

When you get older, you lose that raw creative will, and a lot of imagination as well..


Teachers of the world!!! ------- Hear my plee!


Force your classes to write, write, write this November!


"It's a good day for Maxie, everybody" -Craig? No?

Today is a good day.

Not because I don't have to go to work. And definitely not because a puppy came to visit (because all he's done so far is chew my hand raw and pee on the carpet)--- but because I feel like I've gotten a lot of stuff done, and because I feel like I can get a lot more stuff done if I want.

Isn't that normal? You ask.

No. It's not.

Usually, I feel like I'm wasting time doing things that I shouldn't be doing whilst other important things are waiting to be done. Even when I'm at work. No, especially when I'm at work. It's not a logical feeling.
It's me feeling anxious over not making a trillion dollars and.. having a mansion in Cabo, and vacationing in Tokyo and Florence..

Do I want all those things? ......No. Not necessarily.

I told you. It doesn't make sense.
I'm 18.

Today, though. Today I feel fine.
Maybe it's because my paycheck this month was bigger than I thought it would be.
It's amazing how big of a difference 800 crowns can make.

Ah, the bliss of having a simple mind.

Maybe I'll buy some of that blue soda today.
I've been living on bread and water for the last few days.

Maybe I'll lie down right now and take a nap.

A nap sounds great.


Nighttime. Post Bloody Monday.

I just installed yWriter.
I've never used anything but OpenOffice to write whatever it is I need to write,
but recently I realized that that may be why I never feel like writing.
OpenOffice isn't exactly made for novelists, is it?

yWriter isn't the best program to write in either, but it is good to make character- and plot notes. To write, I use another program called Q10.
I know, this is getting to be a bit confusing.

Q10 is great though, because it fills up your entire screen--- black, not white ---and makes the sounds a typewriter makes.
I love it.

What else do I need to prepare myself for NaNo?

.... Candles?

Why I don't believe in the art of debate.

"Arguing with a creationist is like playing chess with a pigeon.
It'll knock over the pieces,
crap on the board,
and fly back to it's flock to claim victory. "

This quote makes me smile, like marshmallows in my chocolate makes me smile.

I spy with my little eye.

Ladies and gentlemen........... The time has come.

It's snowing.

Yes we CAN... change the menu.

To dream is to subject yourself to cruel torture.





So I lost to PWI again, and installed it once more, because apparently, my life is that boring.
But now, it seems I can't play it, because my screen settings.. something something... I don't know. I'm not a computer nerd. I'm a book nerd.

Times like these, you know who to call. (don't sing)
You call one of your genius brothers.

This makes me feel sorry for the geniuses in the family. They're born to help their retarded family members, and can they escape that fate? No. Simply because family bonds are eternal. *spooky music*

So, as you all know, I love Christmas.

And because me and my family keep screwing up when it comes to joy and celebration, we (aka: me) decided to switch it up a bit.

I'm creating a new dinner menu.


I know!

But some rules are meant to be broken. Especially if they've been boring the crap out of you for 19 years. (Or, as is the case for some of us, 50+ years. YIKES!)

I know I can't skip the meatballs, because my brother will literally strangle me to death, but the rest is history.

Current status on the menu:

  • Turkey (Seriously)
  • Some kind of pie.
  • Homemade meatballs and potatoes. (Note: Not homemade potatoes. I don't even know how that'd work)

Will there be ham? I don't think so. This year, Christmas will be ham-free.

I'll figure out the rest of the menu later. Wanna help? New ideas are welcome~

This is all so shocking.

I think I need to lie down for  a bit.. and watch the final episode of Bloody Monday. (Have you seen that show? It goes by really slowly... and it's filled with plotholes... but you can't stop watching because of that damn Miura Haruma. Mama)

Like I said.......: Mama

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water

National Novel Writing Month and... Creepy Carpenters.

If you have an idea about what you could write for NaNoWriMo, should you wait until November to start writing? Or is ok to start before November? Just asking.

Because I really think it'd be awesome to try doing NaNoWriMo this year.

WHAT? You've never done NaNo before????

No, I haven't.
I've never had the energy.

This year though, since I'm not in school anymore, and all I have on my schedule is a short uni course and a job that I can skip from time to time... I thought: Why not?

Since my discipline skills are horrible, I might not be as successful as some other writing pros, but who gives a crap? =D Like a very wise teenager once said: "It's not a race" (He said that quite recently actually.)



There are a bunch of carpenters walking up and down ladders outside my window. I feel like they're watching me, even though they're probably not.

It's giving me the creeps though.

But, hey, at least I put some clothes on.

Having carpenters at your house is much worse if you live in a small town. Because, chances are you know one or two of them from school.
And then you have to go through that awkward hello-thing, when you're thinking: God, I look like shit. And he's thinking: Haha, which one of us has a real job, beyotch?

The review is OUT! Get excited!!!..... or not, whatever.

Have you read Fallen, by Lauren Kate?

No? Then you probably shouldn't watch this review (even though it's awesome), because it's about the sequel to Fallen; Torment.

If you HAVE read it though, then go ahead and watch it as many times as you want.



Now, I really should be sleeping already.

How am I gonna fix this little problem of mine?

Sleeping pills?


No, I think I'll try warm milk before I go for the drugs.


Goodnight peeps.

"All these lines across my face.."

Has anyone here played a game called Memento Mori: Requiem?
I figured, why not try it out?
It seems to be very violent. Let's hope that's true.




Pretty soon a new video will be up on WeReadBooks on youtube, so check that out when the time comes. This will be the first time that someone else uploads a video with me in it, so I'm quite nervous to see how it turns out.

And speaking of youtube;
in a week and a half I'll be able to buy my new camera.
I've waited since before graduation to get it, so trust me when I'll say: it'll make my year.

And speaking of books;
I just started reading Paper Towns.
HAH! Yes. I'm slow.

A random note: How many of you out there sit with your laptops in bed?
How long can one do this without losing what's left of your dignity?
A little bit longer than it takes to lose all feeling in your legs, perhaps?


Before I leave you, I shall give you some good advice.
Listen to Brandi Carlile.
She's the singer of that song: The Story. But she's made tons of other great songs, so check 'em out.

Listen to her sing, then look at her face. It doesn't match, does it?
Makes it all just a little bit more intriguing.


Can I just ask, like what the hell is wrong with guys?
They eat ALL THE TIME! And then when you eat at normal times of the day, they call you strange.

I kept hearing Mr. Pro salesman saying: I'm hungry! I haven't eaten in an hour!

That's not normal! You need to stop burning so many calories by... whatever the hell it is you're doing. You're sitting on a chair! You shouldn't be needing so much energy!

Is that their curse?
We get menstruation, emotions and pregnancy, and they get Jabba the Hut-syndrome?


*end of rant.


This is way off topic, but wouldn't it be better if Jabba was named Boba Fett?

Like seriously, was there some kind of mix-up?



So, I don't know what's wrong with me. But whenever someone finds my blog, or.. videos on youtube, I always react the exact same way:

-Oh hey, Maxie. I found your channel on youtube! Oh, here's a video. I'mma watch it.

Like, damn woman, it's on the internet. What did you expect?

I react pretty much the same way to a lot of things though.

-You're pretty.

-Wanna share that bottle of coke?

-Oh yes, there's a football game on TV tomorrow night.

There really is a football game on TV tomorrow night.

Cob = Worthless

Ever eaten boiled cob?
Don't do it. Tastes like... nothing.

It was fish, but tasteless. And it was boiled. So technically I just ate a lump of worthless, non-nutritious, tasteless material... with potatoes.

Today I'm going to work. It's been 5 days since the last time, already.
I keep worrying if they've changed anything.
I probably won't be able to buy lots of presents this christmas. At least not anything super expensive.
Why am I talking about christmas?
Well, the hours I put in this month won't be paid 'til December. True story.

But let's stop being boring.
I found this guy yesterday when I was browsing around.
He's hilarious.
But he's not the most active vlogger.
I'm thinking more subscribers might give him a reason to vlog more.
So.. click that yellow button for me?

He makes me lol. Literally too. Not like when people write "lol" when something's kinda funny, or, when they want a segway between one sentence and the next. He actually made me laugh out loud.


Once in a lifetime... I guess.

Happy 10.10.10-day dudes and dudettes.
I was supposed to post this at 10.10 pm, cuz that would've been perfect.
But of course, I got caught up in something completely random and unnecessary, and...
I missed it.





Since Andrew Bravener asked....

I decided to take a walk through the woods today... And fine, I won't take the credit for the idea, since Maria was the one who told me to go.
But I was the one doing the walking,
and I was the one enjoying a little bit of fresh air.

T'was nice.

At one time, I stopped to look at this stream near the bend of the promanade path I was on.. I don't remember why, maybe because it was making lots of noise, and I'm easily distracted.
But when I turned to start walking again, a jogger went by me, almost colliding with my clumsy self. I jumped out of the way, making some kind of startled noise, like: "ouh!"
The jogger didn't seem to care that much, but I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud.
And so there I was---alone in the woods---laughing.

It's awkward moments like that, that makes life worth living. Am I right?
I know I am.

God, I miss christmas, still.

But enough of that psycho babbling.
Lets move forwards to other kinds of psycho babbling!--->


I was cleaning my room today, you see.
Yes I know--- t'is amazing.
It's been over 6 months since I vacuumed this place. And boy, was it time.

I realized something though.
Even though I am a materialist, I really don't care about my material.
First of all, you know that sound that a vacuum cleaner makes when it takes in the wrong kind of stuff?-- like, an eraser, a hair clip or.. a rock? (I don't know)
I kept hearing that noise, like I was sucking up half of the stuff I own. But the only thing I could think in response was: huh, well, it must not have been something important, since it was lying on the floor.
But I mean, what kind of logic is THAT?
Everything I buy or make has been on the floor at one point or another.

I really shouldn't be allowed to own money.

Just looking around the room I see things that I can't even remember buying.. or even why I would've bought them in the first place.
A necklace that I never wear, because it's horrendous. (wasn't even on sale) A random framed picture of Johnny Depp? (I mean, the man is gorgeous, but his face seems so out of place in this boyband-ruled kingdom/room) An eight ball that barely works. (You ask it something and it gives you three answers that you can read if you manage to get through the blue bubbles) Lots and lots of clothes that I wouldn't even think about wearing. (Who the frigg wears jester panty hoes?)
Everything I buy I regret buying at one point or another.
But when I bought them it seemed so.. obvious.. logical.. necessary.

I would love to understand how the human mind works.
Or rather, how my mind works.
Maybe then I'd have less crap on the floor, so it'd take less time to clean this place up.

Ugh, I'm exhausted, and this still looks like the room of a five-year-old.
Maybe that's unfixable though.
In many ways, I am similar to a five-year-old.


I'm still working on reading Torment, by Lauren Kate. Maybe I haven't mentioned this before, but I'm doing my first joint review next week. I'm hoping I can finish this book by... tuesday or wednesday.
It's not amazing. The book, I mean.
Just a head's up.

In which it becomes clear that there is something very wrong with the world.

Oh GOD, what is worse than seeing your lazy-ass reflection on a laptop screen,
feeling worthless,
deciding to watch a romantic comedy to cheer yourself up
and then realizing you haven't got any?!!


Well, homicide, suicide, genocide, necrophilia, pedophilia, misogyny, bestiality, incest, rape, starvation, drowning, homophobia, war, heart attacks, cancer, AIDS, plague, getting shot, infidelity, diarrhea, frostbite, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, being possessed, being puked on..... Stuff like that, I suppose.

But really, how bored am I?

I'll tell you.


...and boredom eventually killed the video star.

I've been writing.
Not here, obviously.
But somewhere.
I don't want to jinx it, so I won't tell you about it. (except for what I've already told you... and what I'm about to say)

I remember telling you that I always get caught up in details when trying to be creative.
It's true. And I was reminded of this two days ago, when I was drawing my main character.
The plan was to scribble some of the major plot ideas next to the drawing, but I ended up editing her hair and eyes for so long that once I considered the doodle to be "finished", I was too tired to think.
And so, the day after, all I had was a doodle of my main character on a piece of paper.
Not exactly helpful.

If I were to go through all of the notebooks that I have in my room, I'm sure I'd find hundreds of character doodles; all completely worthless.
Because that's what I did when I was little as well. I created a character, drew her, admired her, then threw her away.
I don't think that's how it's supposed to work. I think writing actually has to involve.. writing. Am I wrong?

Ugh, exasperation.


Welcome to the era where feeling isn't enough. You must say the word for it to be true.
Wanna hug someone?
Remember to say: hugs!
Remember to say: siiiigh.

Otherwise people won't understand you, silly.




Yesterday I saw Shaun of the Dead.
Now, I know everyone's already seen it. But it was the first time for me.
I loved it, obviously.
You won't find a bigger lover of british humour anywhere else.

Maybe you will. But I'm trying to make a point here.

Dylan Moran played the annoying character that everyone hated. It's funny how he does those types of characters SO well. He must be an asshole in real life.
Either that, or he's a master of disguise. Or.. what do you call 'em? An actor, right.

My favourite moment in the film was probably when the main characters met another team of survivors walking the other way. Suddenly a whole bunch of actors I love were in the movie,
but they disappeared as quickly as they'd come.

WHAT a great movie, though.
The ending was depressing.
But who's to say that depression isn't great as well? eh?

I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore *smiley face*
That's usually a sign to stop rambling.

Oh, and dogs can look up.
I googled it.

Just a little bit of rambling on a thursday morning... oh wait. It's almost dinner time.

I know I'm not supposed to be against democracy and ... free speech and all that good stuff.
But when you realize that a huge percent of the world's population is made up of morons who use these rights for their own evil purposes, you kind of want to break a few rules and propose a teensy bit of un-democratic righteousness.

Why do people get to say bad things about gay people, when I'm not allowed to punch someone in the face for liking Wuthering Heights? I mean, words aren't just words. They can hurt just as bad as being punched in the face.
Actually, I would say words have a tendency to cause suicides, which punching people in the face... doesn't.

I thought there was a limit to what people could say before crossing the line called: law.
Are you allowed to violate someone, verbally, in public?

Really, I think we're all a little bit confused as to what should be allowed and what shouldn't be allowed.

If the law can't help us--- which it obviously can't--- we should be able to fight back. Right?

This is me fighting back.
This is me telling all the conservative bastards of the world to suck it.
Because I really do hate you.

And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we're all just waiting for you to go away. Whether that means you stop complaining and get with the program, or that you just.. die, I don't really know.
It doesn't matter.
You're the only thing standing in the way of our goal; world peace.

So... How long do you think it'll take? Cuz I've got other things to worry about, you know.


I need something to get my mind off of this idiocy.

Oh, I know.

*smiley face*


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we----

I woke up late today, as always.
The first thought that came to me was: Ice cream.

I figured eating ice cream for lunch wasn't the best idea ever, though, so I quickly started thinking about Christmas instead.
Is there any other holiday that fills the world with so much joy?

And sure, some people say that Christmas is stressful and expensive. That it's gone from being about family and charity, to being about presents and greed.
But you know what I say to those people?
Stop being a grinch, you bastard

Christmas is about shutting up, how about that?


Oh no, just being silly. *gentle smiley face*

I really don't know what it is about Christmas that relaxes me.
My family has already grown tired of those same old traditions. They never want to watch Donald Duck with me, they complain about the food... and then they tell me I bought them the wrong things.
Really, I should have joined that train a long time ago. I should be complaining about Christmas, not loving it. Missing it.

But I do.

I miss it so much I filled up my Pi-Pod with Christmas music.
Laaast Christmas, I gave you my heart. All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu. Bambambambam. Tänd ett ljus, och låååt det brinna. Rockin' around the Christmas tree. It's all there.

Christmas for me isn't about religion. It's not about presents. It's not about family... Not really. (Especially not now a days)
It's about something completely different.
Maybe, peace of mind?
My greatest Christmas tradition is cleaning my room, changing the sheets.. then lying down on my newly made bed and reading, reading, reading.
I always read those really cheesy stories during the holidays.
That's why when I see vampire romance novels, my mind immediately switches to Christmas mode.

Some people associate Christmas with Jesus. I associate it with smut. Supernatural smut.


October sucks.

It's been a while. And here's why. (?)

This is my ode to intelligent and interesting co-workers.
When you have a job that is as repetative and dull as mine, (5 hours spent on my ass, with nothing to look forward to, except a simple sandwich for dinner) you treasure your co-workers.
Not only do they provide you with the only entertainment you can count on getting,
but they're also a source of comfort.
Because no matter how shitty your day is, you can bet their day is just as shitty.

Unless they're making more money than you.

(As is the case today)

This job may be sucky,
but the people who work here are awesome.

A good looking guy with a passionate love for music, and quite possibly one of those rare genuinely great personalities. A movie buff with an interest in writing and reviewing (yes, indeed). A sweet and very northern sounding girl who almost never shows up because of her studies in psychology. A super funny, and strange guy with a name that reminds me of a character in a book. A guy from Iceland. Iceland, I tell you.

I could seriously write a book about this place.
In fact, I probably should.

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