A normal conversation on a normal day. (+Eye of the World)

"I'm fat"

"I'm fat"

"You weigh less than me"

"Well.. You're beautiful"

"So are you"

"No. I'm ugly"

"I'm the one who's ugly!"

"Shut up!"

"F*** You"

*fight ensues*


I need to give the quoting thing up.

I uploaded the Robert Jordan video like a week ago. But as you may or may not have noticed. I've been busy/down/retarded/lazy, so that's why I haven't even posted it on facebook. (whaaaaaaaa?!?!)

Anothing reason is that I made it very hastily. Which I'm sorry for.
Next time, I will take it more seriously.

If I have that kind of power over myself.


Right now though, I just want to sleep.

I wish you all a smiley face tonight. (Go NEWS or GTFO)


Inside jokes ftw.

Postat av: Cissi

Hoppas du har haft en fin dag! =)

2010-09-18 @ 02:37:49
URL: http://cviklund.blogg.se/
Postat av: Maria

Our conversations... are: ... No, I don't actually have any words for it, sorry :( We're tragic teenagers sometimes.

2010-09-18 @ 17:42:51
URL: http://nishikidobsessions.blogg.se/
Postat av: Maxie

We ARE! x'D

2010-09-18 @ 17:48:16
URL: http://maxiemagyx.blogg.se/

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