"Stop complaining, stop complaining" - mrs. English Teacher

Aaaaaaand the water is gone again.

I can't believe how long it's been since I could go downstairs and have a nice glass of water without having to think about bacteria, high levels of cloride... or whether or not water will actually come out of the tap!

I've been in a bad mood for three days.
Please let me get out of this house. I can't breathe.

Funerals, relatives, questions; "What are you up to now a days?", torture, claustrophobia.... and now drought.





I need a vacation.


Why today is a good day






Just received my very first review copy (ever), and it seems very shiny and unbelievable in my hands.


At first, I didn't even know what the book was about. I was excited enough that a publishing company thought I was good enough to take a chance on. But then I actually did some research on the book and what it was about, and I have to say: I never thought I'd be this lucky.


People are already giving it five stars on goodreads, and the plot sounds very intruiging. This is the first book House of Lore has published, and they saw me and thought: "She seems good enough" and paid for the shipping to my country.

Does anyone get how happy I am right now??


I'm gonna go downstairs and dance around while my parents try to guess why I'm so giddy.

Sometimes living with your parents is quite nice.


....*red face*

I saw this thing in the paper today, where it said: "Train delayed because of delays".

Made me laugh, and also gave me an idea for an excuse.

Hrm... So!

Sorry about the delay... I was delayed. And stuff.




I've been spending a lot of time reading lately, and even so I'm behind on my challenge.
Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that I've been sleeping on the couch for the last couple of nights... When you fall asleep on couches it's not because you're reading.... It's because you're watching The Bourne Trilogy. For the 3643644th time.

Bourne flaws:

  1. The third movie is ridiculous violence-wise. He spends so much time crashing into other cars or driving off of roofs.. But he never really gets hurt. In the first two movies, he at least gets injuries.
  2. It ended.

And why? Sure, the author died before he could write book number four, but another, less talented, author picked up where he left off! Let's use his books and twist them into something watchable! I want more of Matt Damon Kicking Major Ass.

I of course heard they were making a fourth movie. But that was like 3 years ago! Where is it, people? WHERE?


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