With that kind of attitude you won't be able to do anything.

What is with parents and their unrelenting fear of the internet?


Actual conversation I had with my mother this morning:

(Me) -I created a new Youtube channel today, where my friends and I can upload videos and stuff... So we can see each other even though we live in different cities. Isn't that great, mom?

(Mom) -......Is this something that other people can see?

-No. Because you can make all the videos private.. and you can make sure that the entire channel is unlisted as well.

-......But can people get a hold of the videos anyway?

-No. Like I said.

-Not even Youtube?

-What? Of course they can. They own the website!!

-So they can use your videos as they wish?

-No!! What are you talking about?

-People with skills... computer skills.. they can always get a hold of your videos.

-It's not a terrorist organization, mom!!

-You have to be careful.

-It's just a channel where we upload things like:
"oh, look what I'm doing for school right now! And here's a cat. Look what I can do." It's harmless! And the only people who can upload and view the videos are the ones with our password!!


-Yes, mom. Password.

-So people who have your password can see your videos?

-....Yes... But they don't have our password.

-But they can get it.

-JESUS CHRIST! We're not uploading secret criminal messages, it's just for fun!! I'm leaving now.

(Dad) - Your mom is right, honey.



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