Liars and Look-alikes

Just saw:


Wow, this movie is nothing like what I thought it would be.

It's not a smart romantic comedy. It's a sad realistic romantic drama/comedy about illness and shortcomings.


Could trailers and movie posters just stop lying to me?


I loved the movie, but I wasn't prepared!!


..Ok, I have one problem with this movie.

The soundtrack sucks.

Imagine a sad/amazing ending scene with "I love you I want you I need you" and background music that goes "mmmhmmmhmmmmm" from a dull, dark female voice. Talk about a ruined mood!




Have I ever told you about the Jake Gyllenhaal look-alike that lives in my town?




He gained a few pounds and stopped sleeping, and now he looks more like.... himself, I guess, than Jake. I was thinking that maybe that's what he was after. Maybe he was sick of being compared to someone else.


...Or maybe he just loves McDonalds and WoW.


Either way, I'm disappointed.


Eye candy is like medicine for the soul. Or maybe I mean: Jake Gyllenhaal is like medicine for the soul.

Postat av: Maria

Wtf... Wasn't we supposed to see that movie together? I've told people that I would watch it with you, and therefore couldn't see it with them Oo

But now it doesn't matter, right?

2011-01-22 @ 17:04:09
Postat av: Maxie

Wtf, no =O Tangled!! Tangled is the movie we're gonna see. If you're getting requests to go see Love and Other Drugs, by all means, go =O.... I wouldn't want to see it in theaters though =P

2011-01-22 @ 18:27:27
Postat av: Maria

Ok, so you're saying you want to see an animated movie from Disney, but not Love and other drugs on cinema? Fine.

I'll just go myself.

2011-01-22 @ 19:42:56
Postat av: Maxie

Well... yeah. Tangled is an animated adventure film, Love and Other Drugs is a romantic drama/comedy. Of course I'd pick Tangled to see in theaters. I don't have all the money in the world to go see drama films on the big screen.

Plus, I've been looking forward to seeing Tangled since last summer.

What, you don't wanna see it?

2011-01-22 @ 20:33:57

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