Scary Movies Rant #Halloween

Dude(tte)s, let's talk Scary Movies. Because, I don't know if you've noticed, but this is the last week of October! Which means.... ?
. This weekend. Great. Awesome.


Except no.

I'll be all alone this Halloween.

I feel like one of those whiny biyotches in romantic comedies who spend Valentine's Day alone, and cry about it.
I won't cry though. Cuz you just don't do that on Halloween.
Little pumpkin boy won't allow it.



Yeah. Him. I believe his name is Sam. --(which makes me think of my story. Because the mc's little brother's name is Sam, so I've been writing it over and over again. It's a good name. I love that name. Sam. Sammy. If I ever do join society and give birth to a baby boy, I want him to have a name like that. Sam.)--


Who watched Trick 'r Treat and got scared of Sam? I'm guessing----- no one!

Sam is adorable! I squealed like a little fangirl every time I saw him and his cute little pajamas.

I want pajamas like those btw. With the little opening over the derrière.

Cute overload.




Anyway, back to what I was gonna say---->

I've been googling (oogley boogley) "best scary movies for Halloween", trying to find a horror film that I haven't seen yet.

Now, when you google something like that, you always get about 1000 hits that say: 50 scariest movies!!.... 10 movie tips for Halloween!!... something like that.

The problem is, none of these lists are accurate, because of the douchiness of most movie experts.


You see, movie experts aren't allowed to like new and purrdy movies. They have to list the oldest, most outdated movies they can find, so that they're considered cool and smart and... "sophisticated".


Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not being mean to all old movies. The Exorcist is pretty nasty. (although not scary)

But when you start listing movies like IT and The Poltergeist, you're just being a conformative jerk.

Everyone mentions The Poltergeist when talking about scary movies, because it's supposed to be this cult/classic/awesome film. But how many from my generation have actually seen it? Probably not that many.

I saw it. I passed out, it was so ridiculously boring.


When I google scary movies, I want to read about movies that are actually scary. I want to be scared shitless. Ok? IT isn't scary. Floating balloons aren't scary. Badly made CGI spiders aren't scary.


Maybe these movies were scary when they first came out. But this is 2010. And lists from 2010 that promise to give you ideas for Halloween, shouldn't be exact copies of lists written in 1988!


Am I right, people?

I know I am.




I like Catcher in the Rye, so I'm gonna stop you right now, and say: --Not all people who say they like some classic books or movies are lying a-holes... But a lot of them are--


If you wanna make sure, ask the following question: "Oh rly? Why do you like it so much?"

If they answer: "because.. well.. it's a classic!" Then you know you're talking to a phony. (Holden reference? Whaddup!)



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