Since Andrew Bravener asked....

I decided to take a walk through the woods today... And fine, I won't take the credit for the idea, since Maria was the one who told me to go.
But I was the one doing the walking,
and I was the one enjoying a little bit of fresh air.

T'was nice.

At one time, I stopped to look at this stream near the bend of the promanade path I was on.. I don't remember why, maybe because it was making lots of noise, and I'm easily distracted.
But when I turned to start walking again, a jogger went by me, almost colliding with my clumsy self. I jumped out of the way, making some kind of startled noise, like: "ouh!"
The jogger didn't seem to care that much, but I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud.
And so there I was---alone in the woods---laughing.

It's awkward moments like that, that makes life worth living. Am I right?
I know I am.

God, I miss christmas, still.

But enough of that psycho babbling.
Lets move forwards to other kinds of psycho babbling!--->


I was cleaning my room today, you see.
Yes I know--- t'is amazing.
It's been over 6 months since I vacuumed this place. And boy, was it time.

I realized something though.
Even though I am a materialist, I really don't care about my material.
First of all, you know that sound that a vacuum cleaner makes when it takes in the wrong kind of stuff?-- like, an eraser, a hair clip or.. a rock? (I don't know)
I kept hearing that noise, like I was sucking up half of the stuff I own. But the only thing I could think in response was: huh, well, it must not have been something important, since it was lying on the floor.
But I mean, what kind of logic is THAT?
Everything I buy or make has been on the floor at one point or another.

I really shouldn't be allowed to own money.

Just looking around the room I see things that I can't even remember buying.. or even why I would've bought them in the first place.
A necklace that I never wear, because it's horrendous. (wasn't even on sale) A random framed picture of Johnny Depp? (I mean, the man is gorgeous, but his face seems so out of place in this boyband-ruled kingdom/room) An eight ball that barely works. (You ask it something and it gives you three answers that you can read if you manage to get through the blue bubbles) Lots and lots of clothes that I wouldn't even think about wearing. (Who the frigg wears jester panty hoes?)
Everything I buy I regret buying at one point or another.
But when I bought them it seemed so.. obvious.. logical.. necessary.

I would love to understand how the human mind works.
Or rather, how my mind works.
Maybe then I'd have less crap on the floor, so it'd take less time to clean this place up.

Ugh, I'm exhausted, and this still looks like the room of a five-year-old.
Maybe that's unfixable though.
In many ways, I am similar to a five-year-old.


I'm still working on reading Torment, by Lauren Kate. Maybe I haven't mentioned this before, but I'm doing my first joint review next week. I'm hoping I can finish this book by... tuesday or wednesday.
It's not amazing. The book, I mean.
Just a head's up.


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