Nighttime. Post Bloody Monday.

I just installed yWriter.
I've never used anything but OpenOffice to write whatever it is I need to write,
but recently I realized that that may be why I never feel like writing.
OpenOffice isn't exactly made for novelists, is it?

yWriter isn't the best program to write in either, but it is good to make character- and plot notes. To write, I use another program called Q10.
I know, this is getting to be a bit confusing.

Q10 is great though, because it fills up your entire screen--- black, not white ---and makes the sounds a typewriter makes.
I love it.

What else do I need to prepare myself for NaNo?

.... Candles?

Postat av: Billy

I use Microsoft Word 2007, and I thought it provided everything I needed to write.

Oh man, I'm so old school xD

2010-10-21 @ 00:49:59
Postat av: Maxie

I used to think that Word and OpenOffice were the obvious choices for writing. But then I discovered Q10 and my life changed - lol x'D Seriously. Writing can be even MORE fun!

2010-10-21 @ 15:50:04

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