Stuff, things!.. and Derma Seta?

30 days and 30 nights of literary abandon... for sure!

I have written 30% of my novel. That's 15000 words. Now, the longest story I've ever written was about 15-16000 words long, which means that I will soon pass my record.
How I've managed to keep writing is a mystery. I've never been a fast writer, and I've never had any self control. But I guess being in the situation I am has helped a lot.

My course in crime scene archeology (Yes.. I just said that) starts tomorrow. And I'm starting to think maybe I should skip it. I just feel like maybe I should be concentrating on getting a job and finishing my novel rather then taking a course in something completely random and time consuming?
I don't know, though. I haven't decided yet.


Here's a review of the Infomercial toy called Derma Seta. (Yes.. I just said that)


I got one for my birthday. At first, I thought it was a joke. But apparently my mom had been curious as to whether or not it actually works.


It does.

I'm serious.


But it's not exactly the best hair removal product out there. Actually, in order to get smooth, smooth legs (like you want, and like they promise you'll get) you'll have to sandpaper your legs til' they're bright red.

It hurts.


At least I didn't get sores, like this other person I know did.


Maybe I'll use it as a leg smoothener instead. Because your skin does get a lot softer.

I haven't tried all functions yet.

Next time, I'll try the lotion thing.




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