"Bad" ~( I love you Paul Kellerman)~

I started re-watching season one of Dexter recently.
Am I the only one who giggles everytime he looks into the camera?

Oh jeez.

I love the "good guys", but when the "bad guys" are awesome, I love them even more.

For example, let me talk about one of the best "bad guys" of all time.
Paul Kellerman, from Prison Break.


Paul knew how to hold a gun, and there was never any hesitation.

If you were in his way, he'd shoot you. Hand steady. Eyes uncaring. (remember, he shot two people in order to get to a 17- or 16-year-old kid.)

But there was more to him. Instead of just giving him a name and a gun, they gave him depth.
Everything he did, he did for blind love. (which btw, is always sad)

And when that love turned on him; he didn't ask for forgivness, and he didn't run.

He did what he had to do. With style.

And with those awesome sun glasses on the whole time.

The suit helped too.


When they killed him off, I started crying like a grieving wife.

That's how good of a character he was.


A cowardly and boring douche like Bellick gets to stay on the show for all 4 seasons.

But Kellerman is thrown off stage, so to speak, after only 2?

That pisses me off


I don't remember how this turned into a rant about Prison Break...


Let's all remember though: the most interesting characters have dark sides.

Dexter, Paul... Himura Kenshin~ (all the nerds go: YEY!)

That doesn't necessarily mean they're "bad guys". Which is why I'll always write it like that. "Bad guys".



"Bad guys"


Ok, you get it.


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