A little bit of .. this... and ... that...

Right, sorry for the momentary absence.
Being sick takes up a lot of time.
And energy.

You know when someone in your family, or at least someone you live with, is sick, you kind of feel sorry for them but want them to go away at the same time?
Yeah, because their constant coughing and sneezing and sniffling and moaning gets on your nerves eventually..?

Well, I know my parents feel that way whenever I'm sick, because of one simple reason:
I get the worst case of coughing, every single time.

I have a constant cramp in my stomach, because of my neverending coughing seizures, so I have to hold my stomach with both of my arms to even out the pain, which causes me to tip over and...
Well.. Let's just say I spend a lot of time crawling around.

And right now I'm trying to brush my teeth while coughing.
Not fun.. especially not for my desk.

Sorry desk.


Anyway, to something less boring.

Have any of you SEEN Sherlock?
I'm not talking about the movie with Robert Downey Jr, or even any of the old movies.. or TV shows... I'm talking about the newest british modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, simply called: Sherlock.

It's absolutely brilliant.

Right now there are only 3 episodes out, and they aren't planning on making any more for at least a year...
(At least that's what I've heard)

But those three episodes are wonderful, and they're 1,5 hours long, so it's like watching three movies!
Go see em!!

... Have I been talking for long enough now?
Good. Cuz I need some sleep.

I love the socially awkward/genius/sociopathic types, don't I?


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