A short note on audio books.

Attempting to make a chicken pie without chicken is very hard.
I could even venture to say it's impossible.

Which is why I'm pissed.

This subject is quite boring, though, so let's talk about audio books instead.


I tried listening to an audio book today while making my impossible pie. (see how I tied that together?)
It was Pride and Prejudice, narrated by someone named May. I don't remember her full name, because in all honesty, I don't care.

Here's my biggest problem with it:

I listened to this voice for 2,5 hours, almost falling asleep at times, but then valiantly forcing my eyes to stay open.
2,5 hours.
When I later on checked the corresponding page number I was shocked to see that I was still only on page 46.

That is a whopping 46 pages in 2,5 hours.

How many pages per hour is that?



I'll be dead before this woman is done reading.

So here's my final conclusion: Seeing as there's little chance you'll actually like the narrator's voice or that you'll be able to stay focused during the whole thing... I don't really think it's worth listening to an audio book for however many years it takes to get through it.

I never thought I'd like audio books, and it turns out I was right.



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