Winter is nicer when you've got a good book to read.

So, I told a certain someone that I would take pictures of snow and post it on here. And..... here you go:




I think I might have already done this, but whatevs. It's for a good cause. The cause being: SHARING SNOW WITH SNOWLESS DANES!

Are these masterpieces? No. They're more like rushed images of white on my way to the bus stop.. (In fact, you can see the actual bus stop in the last picture) But who cares?


Enjoy my genius.


Today I had to do the impossible.

I had to buy a christmas present for my grandmother.


What the hell do you buy an old sweet lady who likes nothing but cakes and lottery tickets? Buying cakes doesn't actually count as a gift, and buying lottery tickets is the same thing as condoning gambling.

Gambling is bad.


I started looking at jewelry in five different places. But I'm pretty sure that grandma doesn't like wearing golden frogs around her neck. (Seriously, what is UP with necklaces now a days???..... Just kidding, I like bling bling frogs)


In other (good) news, I got a book in the mail yesterday.



----------> Nightlife by Rob Thurman <-----------




This book was recommended to me on a Supernatural fan podcast. The lady said that the main character was very much like the Sam Winchester of season 6. I thought: hmm, sounds interesting.

And now I'm hooked.


It reminds me of Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan. And I loved that book.



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