I don't know.. Something about New Year's Eve.

My brain is screaming: get...off..your.... ASS!!

So, that's what I'm going to do.

Today I want to talk about New Year's Eve, because... it's tomorrow. (Actually, for some of us.. It's just in a few minutes.)
The Japanese don't celebrate Christmas. They think they do, just because they make some cake and wear red sweaters. But no. (They take down the Christmas decorations on Christmas -friggin- Day, like: "Oh well, that was a nice couple of seconds. Time to move on")

BUT! They DO celebrate New Year's Eve. Big time.

For me... It's the other way around.
I don't give a crap about New Year's Eve, simply because no one else I know gives a crap about New Year's Eve.

When I was younger we used to go down to the nearest football field and watch fireworks... But then people stopped using fireworks, and suddenly we had a holiday --that's supposed to be all about fireworks-- without fireworks.
The only thing left now is gratinated potatoes and a long boring-ass speech on TV before midnight. (I know it's tradition, but it's the same speech every single year. We all know it by heart by now.....)

Of course, New Year's Eve is a party holiday. And therefore a girl like me --(a girl not very fond of getting drunk in front of strangers... or even at all)-- isn't supposed to get this holiday. But after talking to a few ex class mates, I have come to the conclusion that no one I know actually enjoys New Year's Eve. (Not even the drunks)

We must change this!!

We must turn New Year's Eve into something special!

Let's eat bacon and invent a new game called "48 hours sleepless." The losers have to walk around pant-less for the entire first week of January. That'll be tough for the colder countries.

Really, I'm just talking for the Swedes here.
I have no idea if other countries surrounding me have learned to enjoy this strange holiday.


Well... I suppose there is one thing I like about New Year's Eve...
And that is Dinner for One, a british comedy sketch from the 1920's.

I heard most british folk haven't even seen it. And to scandinavians it's an annual tradition, more important than getting drunk.


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