I could almost smell the grass. Almost.


Today was the type of day where your dad comes through the door, panting, telling you how hot it is outside, and how you have to go feel it. Your mom is on the porch, sunbathing.. And you can't stop laughing because the light is in your eyes, making it impossible to see where you're going.

But you keep walking, because you just have to experience this.

It hasn't been this sunny in a long long time.

I walked to the store, and the pavement was peeking through the snow.
No ice. Not today.

Postat av: Marycake

Aaaah, the Kvantum-horse :3

2011-03-20 @ 19:12:19
Postat av: Maxie

Truly.... a legendary horse nods

2011-03-20 @ 22:23:06
URL: http://maxiemagyx.blogg.se/
Postat av: Billy

Mom has a nice taste in music ;)

2011-03-21 @ 07:57:54
Postat av: Maxie

That..... I already know 8'D

2011-03-21 @ 12:14:26
URL: http://maxiemagyx.blogg.se/

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