Another great story.

I need something cheerful to happen. Like right NAOW!

I've spent my weekend in bed or on the living room couch, moaning and shouting. (oh, it sounds so wrong, but trust me, I totally mean the worst kind of moaning and shouting)

It all started on the day gramps died (yeah, already this story is hilarious). Sometime after dinner, I got the worst kind of stomachache in the world. The kind that doesn't go away. I couldn't concentrate on anything, because of THE PAIN, so I went to bed.

....But of course, how the hell are you supposed to fall asleep when it feels like an angry fairy is gnawing on your insides?
I tossed and turned all night, until I was unable to move.
Then... I got sick.

Around 8 a.m the next morning I ran into the bathroom and threw up. Very nasty business. What's even nastier is that when I looked down, I saw red. (For those that needs this spelled out: red = blood) "Hm, that's not normal..." I thought.

And no, it's not.

This is when all the moaning and shouting starts. I buried myself in five or six blankets, trying not to cry. My mom, being the work-a-holic nurse she is, checked my pulse, asked me to move my legs this and that way, put pressure on different parts of my tummy, asking with that soothing and yet alien voice: "does that hurt? does that hurt?" (No capital letters.)
Finally, she said: "The place where it hurts the most for you... that's where you appendix is. It might be an infection."

That day was a living hell, is what I'm trying to say.

But, today, two days later, I am fine.
And I know what the problem was now.

.....It was a case of PMS, my friends.

Not even kidding.

Now, this is definite proof that women drew the short straw somewhere in the beginning of evolution.

Postat av: Frida

Noooooooo, inte min syster också >< Min söta oskylldiga lilla syster.. Why PMS why!? Förlåt för att jag inte mailat sista tiden ;_; skuldkänslor

2011-01-26 @ 14:46:36

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