Runaway telemarketer? (not a good idea for a movie)

Today was a weird day.
I'm sure my boss would like to know why I stormed out of the office three hours before closing time.




I call hundreds of rude people every day, but for some reason, ONE guy with a bad sense of humour almost made me cry today.
It was like I panicked! I couldn't stay there! *laughs*

My mom thinks it's because of my eating habits as of late.
I don't know.
What do you think?

The only remedy I could think of was to walk home (took me an hour) and take a nap.
I'll make up for the lost time tomorrow.

Right now though, I just want a hot bowl of porridge.

(I drooled a little bit there.)


Oh, and here's my hair:



I'll have to remind myself to write:


on my to-do-list.




Yeah... Cuz then I'll do it.



Postat av: Maria

Sv: Det där är INGEN porrbild! :O Shut it evil woman. Den är fin.

2010-09-10 @ 21:13:31

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