Awesome references and the art of transforming yourself into a coloring book.

Testing, testing.

Either is having some problems, or I'm going insane.
Is my last update completely screwed up for you as well?

This is annoying.

(Edit: I deleted the post. It was an eyesore)


And now, for something completely different.

..The larch..

.....The... Larch....

If you get that reference, you are already awesome, and you don't need to change yourself anymore. Don't age, don't dye your hair, don't mature... Just, don't!

I am an exception though, because I have finally decided to dye my hair brown on friday. If you have any objections to that, speak now or forever hold your peace.

This morning I got up at 11. Not early, but not super late. Unfortunately, my father gave me his best I-am-very-sick-buhu-voice, and told me to go buy groceries.
So now I'm tired.
And I start work in two hours.

Maybe I should just take a nap and go to work looking like an over worked hooker. Mascara smudged, and all.

Maybe not.

This is me typing.
This is me breathing.
This is me wanting to put on my pajamas and sleep til tomorrow.
This is me... "blonde".

(Essentially, I am a brunett though, aren't I?)


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