National Novel Writing Month and... Creepy Carpenters.

If you have an idea about what you could write for NaNoWriMo, should you wait until November to start writing? Or is ok to start before November? Just asking.

Because I really think it'd be awesome to try doing NaNoWriMo this year.

WHAT? You've never done NaNo before????

No, I haven't.
I've never had the energy.

This year though, since I'm not in school anymore, and all I have on my schedule is a short uni course and a job that I can skip from time to time... I thought: Why not?

Since my discipline skills are horrible, I might not be as successful as some other writing pros, but who gives a crap? =D Like a very wise teenager once said: "It's not a race" (He said that quite recently actually.)



There are a bunch of carpenters walking up and down ladders outside my window. I feel like they're watching me, even though they're probably not.

It's giving me the creeps though.

But, hey, at least I put some clothes on.

Having carpenters at your house is much worse if you live in a small town. Because, chances are you know one or two of them from school.
And then you have to go through that awkward hello-thing, when you're thinking: God, I look like shit. And he's thinking: Haha, which one of us has a real job, beyotch?


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