"It's a good day for Maxie, everybody" -Craig? No?

Today is a good day.

Not because I don't have to go to work. And definitely not because a puppy came to visit (because all he's done so far is chew my hand raw and pee on the carpet)--- but because I feel like I've gotten a lot of stuff done, and because I feel like I can get a lot more stuff done if I want.

Isn't that normal? You ask.

No. It's not.

Usually, I feel like I'm wasting time doing things that I shouldn't be doing whilst other important things are waiting to be done. Even when I'm at work. No, especially when I'm at work. It's not a logical feeling.
It's me feeling anxious over not making a trillion dollars and.. having a mansion in Cabo, and vacationing in Tokyo and Florence..

Do I want all those things? ......No. Not necessarily.

I told you. It doesn't make sense.
I'm 18.

Today, though. Today I feel fine.
Maybe it's because my paycheck this month was bigger than I thought it would be.
It's amazing how big of a difference 800 crowns can make.

Ah, the bliss of having a simple mind.

Maybe I'll buy some of that blue soda today.
I've been living on bread and water for the last few days.

Maybe I'll lie down right now and take a nap.

A nap sounds great.



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