Ramble RAMBLE!

Well, it's almost 9 pm folks,
which means, that if my project is going to have any value at all.. It's time for me to go sleep.

But first! Let me tell you how many times I almost fell asleep, but didn't.

Probably about 100 times.

I once read this book.. Oh no wait.. My sister once read this book (which is amazing in itself) about a geisha who had to work every single night of her life.
She was so tired sometimes, that she automatically fell asleep. No one noticed anything though.
Why? Because she kept her position (standing) and never actually closed her eyes.

I was very close to experiencing something similar today.

30 hours I've been awake....
I'm dumb.

No. I'm not dumb.
Not yet anyway.
We'll see how this turns out in the morning.

Remember folks: drastic measures is always the right answer.


*too tired... to insert.... picture....of ... any.... kind.......*


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