A trip to the store

My dad came into my room as I was stubbornly trying to fall asleep again after lunch. He asked me if I was willing to make a cake for my mom's birthday (tomorrow), and I said.. yes. On one condition. I had to come with him to buy the groceries.

So we headed out, father and daughter, on our bikes, passing norwegians that were returning home on the way. Dad looked pleased.
Not because he had something against them, per se. But because he had something against them blocking the lines at the supermarket.

Somewhere along the way I looked down at my denim mini short shorts and see-through pantyhosed legs and then down at my conversed feet pedaling away slowly and crookedly, and I thought to myself: Why do I have to be the person that dresses up to go to the store with my dad? Why can't I be the person that dresses up to go out with my friends, and//or boyfriend?
But seeing the weird contrast between my black painted nails and my reddened pale skin, I decided I'm not the emo type of person to moan about how disappointing life turned out to be like this summer.

When we got there, the first thing I saw was donuts. But weirdly, my stomach said: No. I don't even feel like pretending those would taste good.
Maybe because I actually got off my ass and ran 2km today. (I was so nauseous afterwards, I collapsed in the shower. Much like last summer) Or maybe because I don't react too good to sweets now a days.
It's kinda like how a vampire views food. It may look good, but it wouldn't do much for me.

But I DID see a bottle of that weird blue soda that stores stopped selling ages ago, because of the alleged health risk.
I looked up at my father with puppy dog eyes, pleading him to please buy it for me.
He said: Isn't Pepsi good enough?
I said: But dad... It's blue.

I finally got what I wanted, plus a girly magazine, because my father seems to feel sorry for me.
It was about getting the perfect summer body, hot guys and other clichéd girl topics.. oh, and I got bronze powder for free.
But I'm pretty sure you have to have at least some sort of tan to be able to pull that look off.
I kind of miss the days when Ultimate Spiderman was the obvious choice on the magazine rack.
But then again, I've already got the entire series on my computer.
It's not like I've stopped being a nerd or a kid.. or both. I'm just more efficient now.

On the way home, though, the nice trip turned into a nightmare.

I decided we were going to take a short-cut through the woods, and daddy agreed, since the trees would protect us from the rain.
But what we didn't expect was a huge black swarm of flies attacking us head-on.
The cluster of yuck was so compact I had to cover my mouth and nose to keep from inhaling them, which in turn stopped my breathing.
By the time we came out of that hell, our bodies were covered in bold insects.
I'd heard of weird stalkers, flashers, robbers, freaky animals.. all taking up residence among trees.. But never had I been so afraid of the woods before.

I really do hate insects.


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