A little bit of .... rock? Ugh, labels frustrate me.

I've been listening to Evanescence a lot recently. Remember them?
Yeah. They're the band that exploded into the mainstream world with an AMAZING album in 2003,
then disappeared for three years, released an ok album in 2006,
and then disappeared again.

I looked them up, and it seems like they're going to release a new album this fall.

What is with their release rhythm?
They should get some japanesey in them and release at least three albums per year. *laughs*

But really. In all seriousness, Evanescence is a great band.
I remember forcing my dad to buy "Fallen" for me when it came out.
I was so excited and listened to it non-stop for weeks, months, years!! (on my cd-player (*nostalgia*))

That slow song "Hello" is still one of my favourite songs of all time.
I would sing it in our car when no one else was around, thinking no one could hear my off-key voice. (Later in life I've realised that people CAN hear things through car doors. Damn it)


Amy Lee has always been one purrdy lady.


Tomorrow is the day I go out with my brother and his mysterious friend(s).
That's right. I don't even know how many he invited.
Jesus Christ, what have I gotten myself into?

Dear Maxie,
remember to shower tomorrow. Because you were way too lazy to do it today.

Evanescence - Hello

Love it.


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