CHRISTMAS CLEANING!!!.... oh, maybe that's not so exciting.

So I finally got off my arse to go borrow The Great Hunt at the library. To all you folks who don't know: it's the sequel to The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.
I can't read it yet though, because I'm not done with Nightlife.

And ----> Nightlife is still awesome.

I want to read Crank by Ellen Hopkins.
I just got that sudden feeling, where you go: I have to read it now, IhavetoIhavetoIhaveto.
Of course, we don't have it in this town....
So I'll have to wait until I can afford to buy it.
THE QUESTION IS: will I want it then?



My father has a huge friggin bookcase filled with books I've never heard of, OR(!!!) heard of, but only in swedish/english class.
Every christmas that bookcase has to be cleaned.... And no one wants to do it.

Obviously, since I'm the only child in the family who still cares about Christmas, I had to take on the bookcase today.
It took me 3 hours. But I did it.
I can't feel my limbs.

For some reason though, I've started to appreciate that gigantor monster of a bookcase. I even found myself thinking: "oh, I should read this book" on several occasions.
I don't want to tell my father this, though, because I have a feeling he'll break out in song and shout: I GOT YOU NOW!! (which isn't the most reasonable thought to have, I admit)

Anyway, the house is being cleaned, as I meant to say to begin with. Tomorrow we'll bring in the christmas box, (and with it: my personal little plastic christmas tree) the christmas carpets and finally.... The newly bought real, awesome Christmas Tree.

We're very early this year.
We usually don't get the tree in until the day before christmas.


Thank you to Robert Pattinson for helping me with the background music.
I can't clean anything without music.




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