Tonight I'm going away to see Inception AGAIN!

You need to see it at least 2 times!!!!... or so I've heard.

I'll tell you if I come to any new conclusions later. *laughs*


I'll tell you something exciting that happened to me today. I got my circle lenses. *does a little dance*

I also got invited to a job interview.... *faints*
It's not for a super fancy job, but who are we kidding? I'm not a fancy person. (At least not yet *wink*)
If I get it, I'll buy you all fake cookies!

What kind of a job is it, Maxie?~

I'll tell you, kind reader. =D

It's a telemarketing job.

Yes. Yes. Please don't throw rocks at me. I have children...
Maybe not. But I DO have a family *puppy dog eyes*

Anyway, let's hope I don't faint tomorrow. For this will be my first job interview ever.

My circle lenses are taking a bath right now =3
I'll show 'em to you later.



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