Update on the WAR!

When the first Twilight movie had it's premiere, the theater in my city didn't even know what it was. I checked the website and didn't see it anywhere.....
So I started the first war.

And I won, god damn it.

Looking back now, I realize I was fighting for an odd cause.

(extra: A guy at work with yellow hair.... let's call him yellow man.... said that he'd been looking forward to seeing Eclipse, and that it was, and I quote: "Awesome".. I'm still laughing. He deserves it.)

This time it's all about Resident Evil: Afterlife.
If you want to join the cause,
write an email to svenne@biostadenosd.se, telling him he's a fool (a fool I say!!) for not showing R.E in his theater.

You want this? YOU WANT THIS?

Then, give us Resident Evil.

It's easy.


Postat av: Billy

Ehh, does he speak English? Engelska mucho? Oh wait, he's a fool, of course he doesn't :P

2010-08-24 @ 06:28:50

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