Today, is Wednesday.. The day I didn't know how to spell until I was 12.

, I say, is the first official day of autumn.

Today, I broke my sales record.
I'm still a noob... I'm still not half as good as the others.... But I sold THREE subscriptions, and that is enough for me to want to celebrate!

So let's listen to some party music, and boogie down.


Oh, no... wait.. That's a really sad song Q_Q

I made myself cry.



Well, in other news, people have forced me to start writing again, I made myself start writing again.
So far I've written.... 1/4 of a page.
Yeah, it's not a novel quite yet. But it's a start.

I realize that I've said the same thing many times before. "I'M GONNA WRITE SOMETHING!!"
And then I give it up before I reach the second chapter.
But if I don't start writing soon, I'll lose that spark forever.

And what is Maxie without her writing? o.o

I was always the writer in school. I sucked at sports, I sucked at oral presentations, I sucked at team work.... But I could write. Therefore I became the writer.
People even went so far as to assume I wanted to be an author.
I guess that's what you do, though? You go full force with the one talent you have.
But somehow, even that sounds impossible to me.

Instead I want to try doing something I'm not good at.
Something I can learn, and master, in time.

I'm an empty vessel.
Kind of like a foot soldier.

... Except I've never fired a gun. And the army totally blew me off. (true story)

I will try my best to break the record again.
I will learn this one thing that I originally thought I'd never be able to do.

I will sell news paper subscriptions.


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