The suckage.


I know I said "to be continued" in the last post, but I really don't understand why I did that o.o
I guess I wasn't thinking clearly, since I'd called 100 people in three hours.
But I guess I could tell you the secrets of the telemarketing world.

(oooooooh, this is exciting)

First of all, if you pick up the phone and some salesperson says something suddenly and then clears their throat and says: hello!
know that that HAS to happen, otherwise the person you're talking to is an anti social weirdo that doesn't talk to her/his co-workers.
Just sayin'.

But really, there's no reason to be rude. We're not trying to bullshit you or trick you,
our job is to sell you our product. We might use big words to make it sound a bit more awesome than it is, but we're not allowed to lie, we're not allowed to be rude and we're not allowed to go against your wishes.

This man told me once: Get a real job.

This is the answer that I was not able to give him: This is a real job. I work just as hard as anyone else, and to top it off I get a$$holes like you calling me names.
I'm not allowed show unhappiness.
But I did give you the finger.

Now, I work from 4 to 9.
It's not ideal.
I don't get to live life.
I wake up, I get ready, I work, I come home.. it's late... I sleep.
I eat nothing but sandwiches for dinner, unless I wait til I get home at around 9.30. (Not gonna happen)

If I don't sell anything, I don't get paid.
Which basically means... I can work everyday for a week and not get a single dime for it.

My job sucks.

But when you're 18 and living in this modern world.. You're lucky if you can even say you have a job.

~~~~~~ I got off track again.

Today, 7 of the 100 people I called were dead. That's a lot actually.
I think I might be cursed.
Or maybe I'm killing them in some way?....

Either way, it's not fun to hear. And there's never a good response for it.
I try saying: oh my god, I'm so sorry. But somehow, I still feel like an ass.

Oh, and today sucked.

Anyone noticed that?
The suckage?



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