Robert Jordan. We all miss you.

The Eye of the World.



I finished Holly Black's wonderful novel White Cat a few days ago. (which means I will be reviewing it soon)

As soon as I turned that last page I felt this longing to read a real novel.

Not any of that crap that I usually read, to help time pass.

Something real, something that won't disappoint me after reading something so awesome. (Yes, I'm pretty sure my review of White Cat will be über positive)


So I went back to my roots.
Good ol' adult fantasy.


As the name of the picture above indicates, I have started reading the Wheel of Time series again. I never really got into it the last time around, so I thought: why not try again?


So far, I'm enjoying the first book. (the Eye of the World) And not just in a: "it's pretty good" kind of way, but in a: "this is more like it!!" kind of way.

I missed adult books.

More than I could've imagined.


Until September arrives (YA september, I call it now), I won't read anything aimed at teens.

Not even if it's John Green.


(That's when you know I mean serious business)

Postat av: Maria.

You update... not very often in my pov. Why is that dear?

2010-08-08 @ 23:19:47
Postat av: Maxie


I don't know =3

You're one to talk!


2010-08-09 @ 02:02:50
Postat av: Maria.

No I did not! :O

... But I'm not very fond of writing in it, as you might have imagined by now :P

2010-08-09 @ 16:22:29
Postat av: Maxie

LOL! oh, I was worried cuz your link didn't work.. but now I see it's cuz you spelled it wrong =P haHA!!

Update more. And I will too.

2010-08-09 @ 20:08:11

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