A day in the life of.... MAXIE!

I wake up around 11, mainly because I stayed up too late the night before, but also because I'm lazy and can never really find a reason why I should open my eyes.
(When I was younger I had Sailor Moon... Those were the days.)

But anyway, I get up eventually. That's when I brush my teeth and get dressed... all that fun stuff. I never brush my teeth in the bathroom though. OBVIOUSLY! I get bored too easily. So what I do is I take my brush to my computer, which I've systematically turned on before going into the bathroom, so that it's warm and ready for me when I get back. (Very important. I don't like to wait.)
But this also means I will brush my teeth for at least 15 minutes, because I get stuck watching youtube videos or.. talking to Maria on msn.
Sometimes I wonder if my mom was right when she said: brushing your teeth for too long will make your teeth rot O.O

I sure hope not.

What comes next is lunch (in front of the TV, or computer, because I'm.. nice to my eyes and family like that)
TV. TV. TV.... Kenshin... Computer...
And then.. Make up, socks.. shoes.. jacket..


Work =3


To be continued! >.<

Oh my god. I know you're super excited about this...
I can feel your body tremble.
In a non erotic way.......?

Oh, now my boss is staring at me.
Time to actually sell something.


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